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Alumna Bomee Ki
Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Chef Bomee Ki graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London in 2010. Originally from South Korea, Bomee came to London to attend Le Cordon Bleu to study the Diplôme de Pâtisserie.

It was while studying at Le Cordon Bleu that Bomee would meet her future husband and business partner, Woongchul Park, who studied the Diplôme de Cuisine. After graduating, she went on to work at The Art’s Club, before returning to work in South Korea.

Bomee returned to London in early 2020 to open, Sollip, a restaurant she co-owns with her husband, near London Bridge. Unfortunately, lockdown hit in March meaning for several months they adjusted to operate as a Korean grocery from the restaurant before opening to guests in August. Now they serve a menu marrying European and Korean cuisine, combining their cultural heritage with their culinary training. Here, Bomee discusses her culinary journey.

When did you realise you wanted to become a chef?

"It started when I discovered in enjoyed baking cookies at home for my family."

Why did you choose to come to Le Cordon Bleu London?

"As I knew it was one of the best culinary Institute in the world and it meant I could speak English."

How did the knowledge gained from the Diplôme de Pâtisserie programme help your career?

"Right and strong basic skills which is the most important thing."

What inspired the concept behind Sollip?

"My identity as a Korean. We wanted to do what we can do well and what we enjoy."

Has opening your own business been everything you expected?

"Much tougher physically and also mentally than I expected."

What would you say the best thing is about being a chef?

"We can make our family, friends and guests happy with our food."

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow in your footsteps?

"Fall in love with foods you like. Eat a lot of nice food. Find a great mentor. Work hard and stay modest."

What does Le Cordon Bleu represent for you in one sentence?

"Great step for being a good chef."

What does your day look like?

"Working all day from the early morning till the late night."

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

"Running our own business."

What inspires you every day?

"I usually focus on the guests who made a booking today and our service. Nothing else as I couldn’t think of anything else when I focus on what I am doing."

What part of your job are you most passionate about?

"Providing service to our guests."

Finally, what are your plans for the future or any final words?

"I will be always happy as long as I can make something I can do well for my loved ones in a kitchen."

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