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This is a course designed for those who want to work in kitchens focused on the concept of plant based food, without the use of animal products, including secondary ones.

Classes will be demonstrative and practical, in addition to lectures and online content, divided into 6 modules.
Ecological awareness is the soul of this course, so the minimum of disposable materials will be used, preferably recyclable, for culinary use

Important informations

  • Approximately 4 months, total 380 hours
Hours per week
  • 20 hours, with classes 4 times a week.
  • BRL 62.000,00 + registration of BRL 1.900,00
Items included
  • Uniforms, didactic material and student tool kit.
Payment methods
  • Credit or Debit Card*
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank slip
* Classes subject to a minimum number of students for opening.
* Payment by credit card and bank slip will be carried out according to the number of months of duration of the course.
*Special conditions for alumni
*For more details on payment terms, contact us +55 11-3185-2500 (option 1)

Limit for payment
  • All applicants who require a student visa or who have not paid the full balance fees (registration fee, minimum payment of 10% and remaining course fee) must pay up to (06) six weeks before the start of the course.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent and be over 18 years of age. No culinary experience required.

    * These deadlines can be changed according to our need.
    * Start and end dates may change significantly without notice until one week before classes start.
    * Classes are subject to the minimum number of students
    * Reference values for 2022 terms are subject to change.
    * Card transaction fee can be combined with transaction.
    * The institute reserves the right to change any aspect of the program without prior notice.

    Courses & Prices

    • Program Details

      The program consists of 6 modules:

      • Plant Based Cuisine

      Introduces the principles of dietary requirements, cooking and Plant Based cooking methods, offering detailed product knowledge and professional kitchen organization skills.

      • Professional Cooking and Knowledge of Inputs

      Develops a solid foundation of fundamental cooking skills, starting with knife skills and progressing to broths, sauces and soups. Product knowledge is an essential component of this program, including oils, vinegar, herbs and spices.

      • Vegetables and Vegetables

      It covers in plant ingredients, while introducing a range of products such as flowers, bulbs, mushrooms, stems, tubers and algae. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of
      recipes, skills in the composition of a dish and cooking techniques.

      • Grains, pulses, nuts and seeds

      Essentials for Plant Based cuisine, innovative recipes include a variety of breads, cooking with grains and exploring the culinary world of beans, peas and lentils. students go
      learn to identify these products and understand different cooking methods for their use.

      • Plant Based Specialties

      In this module the student will receive concepts of national and international cuisine and Plant Based specialties. Trends and innovations in the organic food industry. Plant Based Beverage Essentials and Guest Chef.

      • Desserts: chocolate, fruit and nuts

      It focuses on the use of pure chocolate, fruits, nuts, to create delicious desserts, such as lactose-free ice cream, sorbets, creams, pasta and plant based confectionery. Students will also review how to merge recipes.

    • Who is this programme for?
      This course is recommended for students who have an interest in plant-based cooking and is suitable for students who want to: Qualify and increase skills and knowledge in Plant-Based, Vegetarian cooking. Work in hotel spas, health/fitness/retreat centers and hospitals or as personal chefs. Develop new Food Products for the growing vegetarian and vegan markets. Health professionals who provide nutritional counseling and wish to bring their knowledge and skills closer to the Culinary Arts. Become entrepreneurs, who in the future intend to open a food business in the plant-based kitchen. Career changers and those wishing to explore the food industry from a healthy eating perspective. Become food writers, food journalists, food stylists and bloggers. Cook and always wanted to learn to cook for a vegetarian or vegan family.
    • What are the entry requeriments?
      Complete high school.
    • What qualification will I gain?
      The Plant Based Diplôme is world-renowned training. Upon obtaining this diploma, you will be able to work with the highest vegetarian cuisine. Please note that this is not a bachelor's degree.

      Term Dates & Prices

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      Jul 1, 2024 - Oct 17, 2024 ( Standard , Afternoon , in Portuguese )
      Nov 4, 2024 - Feb 28, 2025 ( Standard , Afternoon , in Portuguese )

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