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Le Cordon Bleu's Wine & Spirits offers some of the most innovative and professional spirit and wine courses in the country. Unlike traditional sommelier courses which focus predominantly on service, our specialist range of courses manage to combine the theory of wine knowledge with practical learning.

From an aspiring wine professional looking for a beginner wine course, to an enthusiast, we have something for everyone to fulfil their passion. Learning from some of the very best wine professionals, our course can turn a hobby into a career, developing your sensory evaluation technique, learning how to turn a concept into a business venture and gaining an industry insight that will give you an operational and strategic approach to the food and drinks business.

Our wine tasting masterclasses are also the perfect way for all wine enthusiasts to gain a better understanding and appreciation of wine, whilst developing an adventurous and critical palate by studying some of the key winemaking processes, regions and food pairings.

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