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Have you thought about building a Team Building for your company in our facilities?

The Institute of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo opens the doors to receive your company in activities of gastronomic integrations in group.

But what is Team Building ?

The construction of the term consists of working with your team in activities with challenging characteristics in a different space, in order to develop team spirit, commitment, unity, harmony, leadership, overcome challenges and complicity among those involved, going beyond a simple motivational action.

How does Team Building work in our space?

We believe that cooking is the perfect way to entertain people. In this format offered by us your team will learn to make a typical French dish and then put into practice the execution of the recipe. Where at the end of the activity everyone tastes their dishes.
Whatever your level of expertise, our Chiefs will make sure everyone has a great time with us. Our corporate group packages have been specially created to entertain your entire team in an innovative way.
Contact us on +55 11 31852500 and get more information to bring your team to our school.
Reservations subject to availability of the school.
See below the photos of the latest Team Building made for companies:

1 °. Integration of the Chefs Instructors, with the company:
Presentation of Revenue

2º. Putting the recipe into practice:

3º. After learning the recipes you will put it into practice.

4º. Everyone takes home, part of their preparations, or an integration with a dinner.
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