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Have you thought about holding your business event, in our Institute?
The Institute of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo opens the doors to welcome your company in group gastronomic integration activities.

Face-to-face and Online Options.

We will work with your team in activities with challenging characteristics in a different space (the kitchen), in order to develop team spirit, commitment, unity, harmony, leadership, overcoming challenges and complicity among those involved, going beyond a simple action motivational.

We believe that cooking is the perfect way to entertain people. In these formats offered by us, your team will learn to make a typical French dish.

Whatever your level of knowledge, our chefs will make sure that everyone has a great time with us. Our group packages for companies have been specially created to entertain your entire team in an innovative way.

But after all, how do event options for companies work ?

Option 1 - Demonstrative class with dinner:

In our properly equipped classroom, the Chef teaches the preparation and execution of the chosen menu. (Starter, main course and dessert) at the end the team participates in a dinner prepared by our chefs.
In this format we also have the online option, in which in an exclusive virtual room for your team or guests, our chef demonstrates the step-by-step of a complete Menu and viewers reproduce from their own homes.

Option 2 -Team Building.

1. Integration of Chef Instructors, with the company:
Revenue Presentation

2. Putting the recipe into practice:

3. After the practice, the team returns to the room to taste the preparations:

4.Everyone takes home some of their preparations or integrates with dinner.

Reservations subject to school availability.

 Do you want to participate with your work team?

Contact us by phone:

+55 1131852500 (general),
+55 1131852505 (Marcio Lima),
+55 1131852511 (Priscila Rebouças).
E-mails: mlima@cordonbleu.edu