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Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

Le Cordon Bleu Brazil offers culinary students an in-depth knowledge of cooking techniques with an excellent academic team and state-of-the-art laboratories, following the tradition of one of the most renowned Institutes of culinary art in the world.

By studying at Le Cordon Bleu, at any of our campuses, you can experience the art of local cooking that makes the country one of the most exotic in the world of gastronomy.

See some benefits of studying at Le Cordon Bleu Brazil:

  1. Study with the most experienced professionals of gastronomy
    The instructors who are part of the academic team of campuses are highly experienced and qualified, recognized in the Brazilian and worldwide market.

  2. Know the cultural diversity of the largest Brazilian cities
    Le Cordon Bleu Brazil students can take part of their programmes in different cities, a facility that allows a more in-depth knowledge of the region and local culture.

  3. Get an international diploma and high qualification for your career
    The diplomas offered by the Institute in Brazil are recognized worldwide. In addition to the local culture, you will have access to study all types of international cuisines, following the standard Le Cordon Bleu curriculum.

  4. Take practical classes on work-based learning system
    Le Cordon Bleu programmes are designed on work-based learning so that, in addition to the extensive and detailed content offered, students learn how to cook during practical classes. Experimentation allows the students to better understand their potentials and skills in the kitchen, making it easier to build a successful career when entering the job market.

  5. Improve your management knowledge
    In addition to the art of cooking, students can also specialize in restaurant, hotel and tourism management.

  6. Have access to original Le Cordon Bleu educational material

    All material developed for Brazilian campuses offers the standard Le Cordon Bleu content.

  7. Create a network with students and teachers from several other countries

    As a student of Le Cordon Bleu Brazil, you will also have the opportunity to meet students and teachers from other countries, an important exchange of knowledge and experience that is part of the development of your career.