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What’s not to like about food? Food is not only essential for life, but for a select few, preparing this very important thing has been made into an artform. A well-trained and knowledgeable person who can handle different kinds of ingredients to make delicious-tasting and great-looking food are not only cooks, but culinary artists. Trained and qualified culinary art experts are widely known as chefs, and can transform a seemingly simple and unassuming meal into a gastronomical delight. You can imagine that a chef amongst friends and family would be welcomed into homes with open arms. Trivia: Did you know that a chef is listed as a profession that is in high demand in many countries’ immigration list?

Speaking about many countries, the tourism industries around the world is at a boom. Everyone seems to love holidays, and that’s no wonder. One such favourite holiday endeavour is travelling to another country. It’s acknowledged that travelling around the world to see new places and experience new cultures is one of the many pleasures of life. As the world gets more connected by the day, exotic places have become so much more accessible, thanks to some budget airlines which have opened up such possibilities. The colours and scents around the world are truly scintillating, and can be addictive. Just ask any fervent traveler and you will quickly find out why. Just be careful, as it can catch on pretty quick! What more if you could combine the joys of travelling with culinary arts? 

Ever wondered how it would feel to be in the shoes of the likes of someone like the late Anthony Bourdain? That’ll be combining the passion for food and cooking with the joys of seeing new places. Yes, in short, he was mixing culinary arts with globetrotting.  As we all know, when we travel around the world, we can discover new places, experience different cultures and experiment with exotic and new ingredients. We all love food, and yes, food is rather important to life. Can you remember the reactions of people upon discovering that someone amongst them is a chef?

Imagine cooking on the beach, listening to the calming rhythm of the waves crashing onto the sands, or preparing a unique dish out in the woods of some exotic forest. These may sound like a page from a fantasy book. However, a very skillful and creative chef can really work wonders wherever he or she is. Someone who has a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in cooking, ingredients and science can surely apply and get creative with all kinds of food and different ingredients, even unknown ones. Such is the uniqueness of a travel chef. If you aspire to live such an exciting life, the best thing to do in order to get started is a culinary arts programme that can give you that solid foundation by teaching you the right techniques. Only when you don’t need to worry about your ability to cook with all kinds of ingredients and conditions can you then focus on differentiating yourself from others.

Such is the importance of choosing the right starting point. We often hear that choosing the right school for professional courses leads to success in careers. The rationale behind this is that the right school provides the foundation that future successes can be built upon. Imagine spending time and money in a school only to find out that the skills and knowledge is not going to get us where we want to go. Not only will it waste our resources and time, but may drain one’s passion as well. So it is important for anyone seeking to pursue a career as a travel chef to the pick the right culinary arts school.

The internationally acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia at Sunway has all kinds of culinary arts and management programmes, both full-time and part-time, that will equip you with the right skill sets and knowledge to tackle any culinary challenge. The school offers programmes in the culinary arts of cuisine, pastries, and bread making. So are you ready to begin your career as a chef and embark on your dreams of travelling the world at the same time? Check out the culinary arts and management courses here at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia at Sunway.

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