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There are hostels available, ready to move into, for students who prefer to live in campus grounds. There is a choice of accommodation such as Sunway House Waterfront Residence, Sun-U Residence & Sun-U Apartment. The application form is available to download here.

Room Viewing Appointment is essential before visitation: Click here to make an appointment.

If you prefer to reside a short distance away from the campus, you may consider the Palmville Resort Condominiums or Nadayu28 Residences, which are the nearest privately owned condominium options available. Additionally, there is a wide selection of other homes available for rent or sale, offering various amenities such as pools and additional facilities.

Discovering the vibrant allure of Malaysia is made effortless when you have friendly local companions to show you around. Embrace the opportunity to make new connections and acquaint yourself with the captivating wonders of Kuala Lumpur by exploring popular keywords and resources beforehand. However, nothing compares to the enriching experience of immersing yourself in Malaysia firsthand. We eagerly await your arrival to embark on an unforgettable journey.