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Chef Rodolphe Onno
Technical Director

Chef Rodolphe Onno was born in Brittany, France. He first obtained his professional certificates, C.A.P. and B.E.P., from Saint Ivy College in Pontivy, Brittany, France in 1987. He then proceeded to get the Professional Advanced Level in Food and Beverages at Saint Marc College in Trégunc, Brittany, France. Finally, he graduated with a Diploma, E.S.C.F., from FERRANDI School which is affiliated to the Paris Ile-de-France, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Chef Rodolphe started his professional career as early as 1986 as the Chef de Partie at L’Espérance and at Jacques Le Divellec, a 3-Michelin-starred and 2-Michelin-starred restaurants respectively. Then, he worked his way up as kitchen manager, deputy executive chef, and finally as restaurant manager and executive chef at Val Joly hotel restaurant in Saint Gervais, France. Chef Rodolphe is also a member of the elite Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Kuala Lumpur, an international gastronomic society.

Chef Rodolphe has a great passion for specialties of Brittany, his hometown, especially roasted turbot in hazelnut butter, sea-flavoured vegetables, and for entremets, milk chocolate pistachio. Chef Rodolphe was Cuisine Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit in Bangkok, Thailand, and has now taken over the role of Technical Director at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia overlooking all aspects of the Cuisine and Pastry Arts programmes.


Chef David Morris
Cuisine Chef Instructor

With a rural upbringing, food from land and sea has always been a part of Chef David’s life. As a young teenager he decided to follow his passion and began training as an apprentice at a leading Birmingham hotel, working and attending college to develop his skills over the next 5 years.

Chef David then moved on to Henley-on-Thames where he began work at an exclusive private members club, the Phyllis Court Club, where under the mentorship of Head Chef Norman Cook, his career took off as he was promoted through the ranks to Sous Chef.

He then spent 2 years at the 4-star Compleat Angler Hotel in Marlow as Executive Sous Chef, before moving to the Bear Hotel in Woodstock where his flair for local, seasonal produce allowed him to develop his own style.

Moving on to an exclusive boutique hotel in Hampshire, Chef David further developed his reputation and command in the kitchen. In 2005 he was runner up for Hampshire Chef of the Year.

Chef David then began work with Master Chef Steven Saunders in such establishments as Brocket Hall and Sheene Mill before helping design and open Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire, one of the best country house hotels today.

He joined Le Cordon Bleu London in 2010 as Chef Instructor for Cuisine programme, becoming one of the first few non-French chefs. Chef David was part of a team that developed short courses; his responsibilities include developing the manuals in the classic cycle-all. He did very well there, managing and overseeing a number of in-house events. He subsequently requested for a transfer to the school in Malaysia as he loves the country of multiple culture and food scene. He had since lived in Malaysia from middle of 2012 where he enjoyed experimenting cuisine with local ingredients.

Chef David is patient as a teacher, making sure that students in his class are able to grasp all the techniques he is imparting to them.


Chef Sylvain Dubreau
Cuisine Chef Instructor

Creativity and determination have always been the earmarks of Chef Sylvain Dubreau’s career.

Upon gaining his professional certificates from the Centre de Formation d’Apprentissage in St. Germain de Lesignan in 1991, Chef Sylvain spent fourteen years honing his craft and mastering the arts of French cuisine at the Grandes Maisons area in Paris, where many Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels are located, including 3 Michelin-star La Tour d’Argent, 2 Michelin-star Les Ambassadeurs, 1 Michelin-star Prunier and the world-renowned 2 Michelin-star Hotel de Crillion.

His world travels began at the Michelin-star La Melazane by Gourmard restaurant at the Hilton Resort in Mauritius in 2004, before moving on to spend 5 years at world-famous Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

Keen to experience the challenges of restaurant-ownership for himself, he then moved on to Japan, where he has established his own ultra-exclusive 17-seat French fine dining restaurant, the Sucre-en-Rose.

Always on the hunt for new challenges, Chef Sylvain has now joined Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia as Chef Cuisine Instructor and looks forward to sharing his journey with his students.


Chef Thierry Lerallu
Pastry & Boulangerie Chef Instructor

Chef Thierry was born in France, Normandy. He always had a passion for bakery and patisserie and a talent in the Art of Pastry

He started his apprenticeship as a baker, Patissier, chocolatier and confiseur in Normandy well-known for the fresh cream, milk product, cheese and apple.

Thierry Lerallu from an early age showed his predisposition for his job and was rewarded repeatedly as the best apprentice in various specialties; from the bakery to patisserie, He remains unbeatable and comprehensive.

After receiving his Diploma from CFA, Alencon France he ventured out to see the world and had set foot in Malaysia in the early nineties where he worked for several 5 star international hotels. It was in Malaysia where he discovered the Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

After having worked in Malaysia for several years, his addiction to travel took him to Seoul in South Korea where he become an executive pastry chef in a 5 star hotel and he will open few “salon de the” on behalf of the company.

In 2003 he joined Constance hotel and Constance Academy and Mauritius IVTB in Mauritius whereby he had shared his professional knowledge with young Mauritian apprentices where he trains via an intensive Pâtisserie programme. He had also adapt all its techniques for high-flying fun at workshops conducted with Mini-chefs, and guests of the hotel.

His skills with baking, sugar and chocolate art had brought him much recognition in the yearly Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival in Mauritius and they depended heavily on his talent for beautiful creations and desserts which made such a distinction and were highly regarded and appreciated by both participants and renowned guests.

With his numerous years in the industry starting in France and eventually all over the world, his appointment as Head of Pastry Chef at the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu did bring the patisserie programme to great heights in Malaysia and South East Asia. He subsequently joined the Le Cordon Bleu School in Seoul Korea but have returned to the Malaysia school as Pastry and Bakery Chef Instructor to commence our Boulangerie Programme

He is well loved by students and colleagues and is very patient in imparting the pastry arts skills to all who learnt after him.


Chef Stephane Alexandre
Pastry Chef Instructor

Chef Stephane was born in France, Normandy. Since he was a kid, he always had a passion for patisserie. He started his apprenticeship as a patissier, confiseur, chocolatier, and glacier in Normandy in 1986.

After receiving his Certificate d’Aptitude Professional (C.A.P.) in 1988 from the CFA of Alencon, Chef Stephane went to work in several pastry shops and restaurants in the Versailles area before deciding to move to Malaysia in 1995, where he discovered a country with plenty of opportunities to share his passion. Since then, he opened his own restaurant in 2000 and operated it for over 6 years before joining several 5-star hotels in Malaysia in F&B Management.

Chef Stephane is passionate in sharing his knowledge, and as a practical pastry instructor he enjoys sharing his baking secrets with his students.