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Grand Diplôme®

Respected across the culinary and hospitality industry as a mark of excellence, Le Cordon Bleu's Grand Diplôme® is an influential qualification combining classical training in both cuisine and patisserie. Students are first taught basic culinary skills before applying this knowledge to high-quality produce and specialist ingredients.

This Diploma is awarded after the successful completion of both the Diplôme de Cuisine and the Diplôme de Pâtisserie.

The Grand Diplôme® is our most influential qualification, which
simultaneously combines classical training in both cuisine and pâtisserie.

Throughout the 9 month tuition, you are first taught basic culinary skills before applying them to high-quality produce and specialist ingredients. Supervised by some of the most qualified and classically trained Chefs, you will learn fundamental culinary techniques through a succession of  theoretical and practical training combining Chef demonstrations and practical sessions.

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Course Details


    Under the supervision of Chef Instructors, lessons are divided into two parts:

    • Culinary demonstrations in front of the whole class where students become familiar with techniques taught by the Chefs
    • Practical classes where they practise the techniques learnt during the demonstration at individual work stations

    The Grand Diplôme covers two disciplines: cuisine and pastry. Each discipline is made up of three levels:

    • Basic level
    • Intermediate level
    • Superior level

    The Grand Diplôme structure:

    For each level successfully completed, students are awarded a certificate to prove their skills. To obtain the Grand Diplôme®, students must successfully complete Superior level in each discipline.


    This comprehensive culinary course is recommended for students with strong ambition who want solid knowledge in pastry and cuisine.

    This programme is suitable if:

    • You wish to enter a career working in a professional kitchen (Michelin starred restaurant or five star hotel)
    • You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and wish to learn classic French cooking techniques to then open your own business
    • You love cooking and always wanted to learn ‘the right way’ to do things in the kitchen

    We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.

    Graduates will gain the French qualification of Grand Diplôme certificate which is recognized worldwide