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Is your love for cooking simply unconditional and you often find yourself in the kitchen even at the oddest hours of the day? Are cook books your “bible” and you find comfort in browsing food magazines? Last but not least, do you want to make your kitchen bravado a living? If so, culinary arts might be your true calling.

Look no more because you are staring right at your future, with Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. Your pursuit of culinary begins with Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplôme® which is its most influential qualification that simultaneously combines classical training in both Cuisine and Pâtisserie.

An undying passion for food is a must for a fulfilling culinary journey. The Grand Diplôme is a credential that might just be your passport to international culinary world. Upon completion of both Diplôme de Cuisine and the Diplôme de Patisserie over a period of 9 months, you will be awarded the Grand Diplôme®

The Grand Diplôme at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia brings together world-renowned faculty and students from all over the country and the world, with teaching methodology that includes demonstration & practical and separate theory. The Bandar Sunway campus opens its door for intakes in January, April, July and October each year.

Diplôme de Cuisine
Not just another course in a cooking school, this part of professional diploma in culinary arts provides students with the fundamental culinary skills from the use of culinary equipment to the planning and execution of elaborate dishes. Successful completion of the Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine certificates results in the award of the Diplôme de Cuisine.

Our Basic Cuisine Course introduces students to the adventures and traditions of basic cuisine. Here they will learn how to use and integrate condiments, herbs and spices into their recipes producing a variety of flavours. Upon completion, Intermediate Cuisine will take them to the heart of French cuisine - classic regional dishes that reflect and exemplify the more complicated application of the techniques introduced at the basic level. The pinnacle of the programme is the Superior Cuisine where there is exposure to the evolution of French cuisine today and its integration into global contemporary cuisine. This is where students will acquaint themselves with the intricacies that are required at the highest level of food production for both contemporary and haute cuisine menus.

In every module, students will learn to master the necessary skills to create fine cuisine dishes through a combination of demonstrations & practicals, and separate theory lessons. The focus is on teaching the techniques followed with tasting. In our cooking class, our chefs lead demonstrations on how to prepare dishes to the highest professional standard. You are then tasked with replicating what you have been shown in one of the dedicated cuisine practical kitchens. Et voila! You’re a step away from The Grand Diplôme!


Diplôme de Pâtisserie
What are the French without their magnificent patisserie? Here, students are offered a vigorous and exciting lesson allowing them to master the techniques of classic pâtisserie while being introduced to all aspects of the kitchen which consist of Basic, Intermediate and Superior Pâtisserie. Progressively, they will learn to prepare a wide selection of pastries served in restaurants, pâtisserie shops and tearooms through the classic and contemporary French desserts, advanced techniques in chocolate and sugarwork. Doesn’t that sound appetising?

Basic Pâtisserie level will familiarise students with the various combinations, properties and applications of pâtisserie as they progressively learn to create a wide selection of cakes, desserts and pastries all by hand and without the aid of machines. During Intermediate Pâtisserie, they are assisted by the Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs to develop artistic skills necessary to prepare and decorate a variety of French desserts and pastries. This course allows them to prepare variations on a range of classical and contemporary French desserts all from scratch. Finally, in Superior Pâtisserie level, Restaurant Desserts, Chocolate Work and Decorative Sugarwork will be taught separately. It combines the knowledge, techniques and artistic skills of the Basic and Intermediate levels and encourages students to personalise their work and embrace their artistry.

By honing your skills in both Cuisine and Pâtisserie you will expand your potential career pathways and become a very sought-after prospective employee for any renowned restaurants or hospitality establishments wherever your heart desires!

Alternatively, it can also be pursued consecutively with our Diploma in Culinary Management , a 3-month
programme on how to set up a commercial kitchen. This course will be suitable for students who would like to open their own concept pâtisserie & café or restaurant.

If you are eyeing to be a professional chef & dream about learning the classic French cooking techniques and launch your own business or wish to enter a career working in a professional kitchen (Michelin starred restaurant or world-class hotel), your journey begins here at Le Cordon Bleu.

While it is no secret that culinary career is usually stemmed from passion, applicants should have minimum requirements of being at least 17 years of age, eligible to study in Malaysia and possess a high diploma or the equivalent of SPM/UEC/ O-Level/STPM or A-Level. You are also expected to have competency in English language – if you score 5.5 in IELTS overall, you’re good to go. We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No previous culinary experience is required, which means you’ll be taught everything you need to know in culinary arts, in the finest and most French way possible.


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