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How To Cherish Food Experience With Your Loved Ones

Joy and laughter are the brightest when food is best! With it we are able to share moments and create wonderful memories with our loved ones. It is through food that we are able to communicate when words fail us. It has played such an important role in our lives that we often use it to show our affection, good intentions, and also use it to forge relationships - for instance it would be an anomaly to celebrate birthday parties without a birthday cake.

Food is fundamentally the ingredient that binds us all together. We spent countless amount of times eating with our friends and family whether it is just a simple get-together or a feast. Certainly, social occasion has long been revolved around food and with it we are able to bond with the people around us, even would take extra miles to travel to distant places to get a taste of good food just because we heard good reviews about it. It is the matter of creating new experiences with the ones we love.

Evidently, food brings back fond memories to us as well. We would cherish the good taste of food for a long time, or even take a lifetime to find its comparable savor. Having said that, it is the reason why whenever we are homesick we would crave for food that is close to our hearts. For students who studies abroad, they tend to crave for home cook food that was prepared by their parents, there will be no surprise to see many that attempt to cook their local meal when they are abroad, just so that they can taste home.

It is undeniable that good food sparks joy in us as it is the essence of our happiness. Though not everyone is gifted or has the talent to cook up a delicious meal as many of us opt to eat take outs or at restaurants and cafe due to not having the knowledge on meal preparations. Fortunately, there are various culinary courses from leading culinary school that we can opt for to improve our cooking skills. What’s more appealing is that we could even attend part time cooking class to learn cooking a new dish or two. It would be a fun experience as well where not only you get to learn something new, perhaps along the way make new friends!

At Sunway Le Cordon Bleu, there are a wide range of weekend part time culinary courses available to help equip and elevate your cooking skills. The courses are affordable and it also has accommodating timing for those who are time conscious. On top of that, you will learn the recipes and techniques from world-class master chefs. Want a world-class culinary experience to impress your loved ones through food? Find out more about Le Cordon Blue short courses now at: https://www.cordonbleu.edu/malaysia/gourmet-short-courses/en



New Book: A Culinary Journey

New Book: A Culinary Journey

To celebrate 125 years of excellence in teaching, Le Cordon Bleu has reached out to its alumni to propose a voyage of unique tastes and flavours.

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