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They say love dies but there is only one type of love that will go on forever, which is the love for food, and this is why culinary arts is here to stay. With a Diploma in Culinary Management, we open the door a little wider than everyone else.  The Diploma in Culinary Management has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your culinary career, whether you aspire to own a food business or hold a managerial position within the restaurant industry. So where in the word of culinary should you be?

While most people assume that culinary students attend the program to become a chef, the Diploma in Culinary Management actually opens wider job scopes than what one might think.  The program provides the aspiring culinarians with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in a professional culinary career. It focuses on advanced culinary skills (modernist/molecular/multi-sensory techniques), gastronomy, creativity (developing recipes), business and restaurant management (designing menus, costing, and managing supply chain). This is where you can boast or pre-opening knowledge for new food & beverage establishments.

Food will never go out of business, but only excellent businesses will remain in business. Culinary art is much more than just tableware, culinary creation and presentation as seen on TV. The industry is always in need of great talents to ensure success in the long run and without the right tools, this does not come easy. Our culinary academy will arm you with the required knowledge and solid foundation prior to launching a stellar career in F&B or culinary respectively. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to bring innovative ideas to the table when setting up the business or in the development of your own business profile.  This would later enable you to achieve a managerial position within the restaurant or hotel industry where you will surely be an asset. This new knowledge will also greatly enhance your employability and once you master it, you may take on the role of a chef consultant.

If you like the fast-paced environment and are always eager to invent new dishes that will be talked about among food connoisseurs, this is your stepping stone. In a class of its own, our Diploma in Culinary Management prepares you for the challenges you will face upon graduation by emphasising innovation, creativity, and application of theory to practice in the classroom. You will learn the process of permit application, staff management, menu creation, kitchen layout, preparing the right ingredients. It even goes as far as touching on marketing concepts such as the branding and marketing of food.

Our aim has always been to produce gifted and visionary talents so that the culinary world will have the right people with the right fit to not only prepare food that makes people salivate, but also to take culinary to a whole different level. With the blue excellence under Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, dedication and extreme discipline, there is no reason why you should not be working at those fancy restaurants you read reviews about.

Start your gastronomical journey with us today and secure a bright future in the exquisite world of culinary and be regarded highly among the professionals just like how you dream it.


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