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Thai Cuisine: Savory-Sweet Set for Month of Mother's Day


In this course, participants will learn to prepare 4 dishes with your mother. Starting with the creation of “Stir-fried Chili dip and condiment : sweet sun-dried snake head fish and deep-fried salted eggs” skills in making variety of dishes with crispy, fragrant, and flavorful. Also, create tantalizing flavors of “Young Tamarind Chili Dip and fried rice with young tamarind chili dip and Vegetable Side Dish Preparation” bursting with signature Thai aromas. Includes preparation of various vegetables, techniques for ingredient selection.


Participants will also craft Thai desserts "Purple Dumplings with Sweet coconut filling", enhancing elegance with beautiful petal-shaped decorations, and concluding with the creation of aromatic and sweet herbal drink “Butterfly Pea Drink”, universally beloved for its rounded flavor.


On the agenda:
  • Chili Dip: Young Tamarind Chili Dip ingredients selection and preparation, Fried rice with young tamarind chili dip techniques
  • Vegetable Side Dish Selection and Preparation
  • Condiments : sweet sun-dried snake head fish and deep-fried salted eggs. Ingredients selection and techniques of preparations
  • Thai dessert : Purple Dumplings Shaping Technique, Dough and color technique, Sweet shredded coconut flesh filling technique
  • Butterfly Pea Drink

Useful Note

Date: Thursday 29th August 2024
Time: 08.00 - 15.00 hrs. 

Language: All workshops are conducted in English with Thai translation
No. of Participants: 8 Pairs

The participants will work in pairs for THB 12,900/pair and you will receive “Savory-Sweet Set for Month of Mother's Day with a limited lovely basket” to take home per pair. Children aged 15-16 years can attend this workshop when accompanied by a guardian.

    - Participants should be at least 17 years old at time of application
    - No prior knowledge is required for this course and is suitable for novices, cooks with some experience, dedicated amateur cooks and those seeking to further their culinary skills. All of the food created during the session are yours to take home with you.

Total: 12,900.00฿

Duration: 6 hours

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