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Graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit allows you to not only gain essential skills needed to be successful in doing what you are passionate about, but will also open you up to our vast international network. Our alumni have accomplished some wonderful achievements across a wide variety of careers in pâtisserie, cuisine, management or wine.

You will join a community that comprises some of the most influential and inspirational alumni including Vicky Lau, Pachara Thakerngkiat, Robert Veitch, Chutima Trakulkitcharoen, Edwin David Acosta, Jesselyn Lauwreen, Paweenuch Yodprechavigit, Pawinwat Choksetapawin and Vacharobol Sopa just to name a few.

Below is just a sampling of them who have distinguished themselves and are proud to be Le Cordon Bleu Dusit alumni. Click the button below to see students who have graduated from:

Our Alumni

Vicky Lau
Pachara Thakerngkiat
Chutima Trakulkitcharoen
Robert Veitch
Paweenuch Yodprechavigit
Jesselyn Lauwreen
Pawinwat Choksetapawin
Edwin David Acosta
Punnawit Wittayakornlerk
Piyakamol Vanichmongkol
Sarita Silawarn
Vacharobol Sopa
Maksim Bakhvalov
Apiratorn Terdpravat