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Make your dream come true in the World of Cuisine

Passion is a beautiful thing. Turning that passion into a career around something you love like food is another because not everyone in this world has the opportunity to find rewarding work for what they are really passionate about. Prior to launching your career based on your passion, you must be taken seriously, which means you should first be a professional. 

Having a special skill may not be sufficient to deem you an expert, so acquiring the right training to become marketable in the industry of your choice is important. Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia is the ultimate place to translate your passion for the wondrous world of cuisine into a profitable career in culinary arts.  If you’re a passionate foodie, you may have heard so many times before that you should open your own restaurant or run a catering business, due to the fact that you just know your way around the kitchen and you know good food. You also may have heard your inner Nigella Lawson screaming from within, telling you to go for those cooking classes and get yourself qualified at the best institution. This is where Le Cordon Bleu can help you to follow your dreams.


Diplôme de Cuisine, a highly acclaimed cuisine programme offers the most comprehensive training in French culinary techniques available today. Here you will learn to master the necessary skills to create fine cuisine dishes through a combination of practical sessions, demonstrations and theory lessons, gaining knowledge from our team of classically trained Le Cordon Bleu master chefs who have experience working in the world’s finest kitchens and also Michelin star restaurants. Can you imagine that you will learn under the feet of these experience chefs?

Upon discovering your passion for food and all things culinary, getting yourself signed up for the right program is essential. The road to turning your passion into a career isn’t going to be a smooth one, hence motivation is key. At Le Cordon Bleu, our chef instructors lead will show you how to produce dishes to the highest professional standard. Like the excellent student that you are, you will then be tasked with replicating what you have observed in the demonstration classes in the practical kitchens under the guidance of one of our chefs to ensure everything you learn is mastered satisfactorily.

Still not convinced? We encourage you to schedule a tour of the school so that you can experience Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia! Upon your arrival here, we will take you to visit the school so you can discover our state-of-the-art teaching facilities as well as observing how the classes are carried out. We’re pretty sure you won’t look any other way after experiencing the standard of excellence in our campus.

Completion of the Basic Cuisine Certificate, Intermediate Cuisine Certificate and Superior Cuisine Certificate results in the award of Diplôme de Cuisine. That is your starter pack in becoming either a top chef, food critic or an F&B manager in the world of cuisine. Coupled with impeccable service standards, tireless effort and a great attention to detail, the fruits of your labour will eventually pay off and you’ll be well on your way to doing what you love.  Are you ready?



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