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Signing up with Le Cordon Bleu means you’re about to embark on the finest journey that the culinary world has to offer. In each programme, distinctive teaching methodology is applied where students will gain experience through hands-on learning under the tutelage of our experienced instructors. One of the most appealing things that the students would undertake is the field trip or industrial visit program which is included in the course, where they will be able to discover and experience the world outside the classroom.

Our pastry students will gain an in-depth understanding of French pastry techniques enabling them to meet the needs of the culinary arts internationally, while Basic Cuisine prepares participants to open the door to the mastery of classic French cuisine techniques. During these courses, trips to the local markets are becoming an integral part of the class schedule, where they assist students in building understanding of the natural world and heighten their cultural horizon and skill set at the same time. Being a food haven, Malaysia offers a huge array of delicacies from many different cultures. Just imagine your curious self being taken to the markets and being exposed to the authentic sight of experts choosing their fresh produce to give you a better grasp of where the products come from. This is where you get to see, touch, and pick the right ingredients in terms of freshness. Can you think of a better way to take your newly found knowledge back to the classroom and later in the kitchen? Yum!

As a culinary school student, you will learn that the pleasure of cooking often includes extra knowledge of where the food comes from, discovering how it is grown, and to appreciate the importance of healthy eating. Through our Intermediate Cuisine and Pastry classes, students will have the opportunity to have their own organic farm experience. At this level, students are going to the organic farm, where they would learn all about planting a seedling, germination, how the plants grow and how organic fertilisers are produced. More than just an experience, this is where aspiring chefs step outside of their comfort zone and treasure all the processes involved before bringing the fresh ingredients into the kitchen. Who would’ve thought, studying in cooking school in KL lets you come this close to the fruits of labour and being able to use them in your own dish you’re about to make.

Say bonjour to state-of-the-art commercial kitchens. Moving one level up, students in Superior Cuisine are up for even more merriment, immersing themselves in the environment of commercial kitchens, as they say – this is where the magic happens. They will discover the various ranges of cooking equipment and recognise that each kitchen is unique and operates differently than the others. That being said, participants are taught that a successful kitchen comprises of specific components organised in a particular pattern to optimise performance and efficiency. They will find various range of cooking equipment and kitchen settings for different cuisines that are designed to meet the industry standards. Only when one reaches this point will they realise that the ambience of a commercial kitchen isn’t always about the loud bangs and the head chefs yelling orders!

One would ask – what’s in it for Superior Pastry Students when it comes to outside the classroom research? Those beautiful and palatable pastries sure don’t bake themselves to perfection without some years of dedication and artisanal skills behind the scene. To enrich the overall learning experience and broaden the knowledge acquired during the academic lessons, students will be taken to pastries production factories. Here, they get to see how breads and pastries are produced on a large scale before their very eyes, which is totally awe-inspiring. From picking the ingredients, mixing, fermentation, shaping, baking, cooling to packaging, to name a few, aspiring pastry chefs will be exposed to the real world of pastry and bread making. Seeing the extensive preparation will introduce them to what it really takes to be a successful pastry chef. At the end of the day, you can almost hear the students whispering “This is what I go to pastry school for” – to craft world-class pastries that will be a feast for the eyes.

Nothing prepares you for the real world of French culinary arts like joining a local research as part of the academic programme. Every Le Cordon Bleu student has an opportunity to participate in the market research in Paris, through a programme called the Paris Study Tour. With a package fee of only RM8,000, participants can look forward to attending a workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris with certificate of participation, experience a guided morning market visit, Paris city tour and a few other French enjoyments. If this is not art de vivre à la Française, we don’t know what else is.


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