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Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Instructor - Chef Sylvain Dubreau

Can you imagine calling a man wielding a blade “master”? Well, at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, we may not offer martial arts classes, but our courses are led by masters, and in many cases, they wield blades. Our instructors in the culinary arts are masters in their field. What better way to learn than to be taught by true masters of their practice.

One advantage of the courses offered here is that they are taught by world-class chefs with many years of experience. Also, as with many dedicated educators, they are great mentors to students within the classroom as well as outside. Despite having achieved a great level of mastery, many chefs have dedicated their lives in pursuit of challenges, always seeking to learn to reach greater heights. The spirit of life-long learning is one of the key ingredients in being successful in our endeavours.

The acclaimed Chef Sylvain Dubreau is with Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia as Chef Cuisine Instructor and is constantly looking forward to share his experiences with his students. His career up to now can be described as being filled with creativity and determination. He may have gained his professional certificates from the prestigious Centre de Formation d’Apprentissage in St. Germain de Lesignan in 1991, but his love for food and cooking began at a tender age of seven, when he started out making cookies. Upon his professional qualification, Chef Sylvain spent the next 14 years cooking up a storm! Well, not quite.

Someone once said along these lines, “Fear not the person who knows a 1000 kicks, but fear the person who knows 1 kick but has practiced it 1000 times.” The point is, he dedicated himself to his craft, focusing on French Cuisine by practicing in the Grandes Maisons area in Paris. The special thing about this area is that it has many Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, including 3 Michelin-star La Tour d’Argent, 2 Michelin-star Les Ambassadeurs, 1 Michelin-star Prunier and the world-renowned 2 Michelin-star Hotel de Crillion. In case you didn’t know what a Michelin star is, it is the hallmark of fine dining quality. Interestingly, this prestigious rating is handed out by the (yes, you guessed right!) French tyre company, Michelin. Trivia: Michelin’s restaurant reviewers are anonymous, even to their family members, making Michelin’s ratings totally independent.

His journey in his craft then took him abroad, beginning with the Michelin-star La Melazane by Gourmard restaurant at the Hilton Resort in Mauritius in 2004. He also spent 5 years at the world-famous Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Apart from his star-rating restaurants, he was also in the chef team that cooked for the celebrity stars with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His next jump was to explore a new experience, and that took him to the far east. Chef Sylvain founded his own ultra-exclusive restaurant in Japan, the Sucre-en-Rose, which was a 17-seat French fine dining establishment.

For someone whose life revolves around food, Chef Sylvain has a principle to keep himself fit and healthy through regular physical activity (his favourite are swimming and tennis) and healthy eating (yes, he loves his vegetables). His passion for life (and food) is evident in the way he teaches, bringing his students out to the field, driving home a key message, that food is real, and that it is grown and sourced from a living earth, and not merely products found in supermarkets.

Never the one to be still, Chef Sylvain brings to the school his deep passion and wealth of experience and skill honed over more than 2 decades, across the continents, and across many cultures. Malaysia, interestingly enough, is rich in spices, herbs & other ingredients that are unique only to this country. So I’ll let you guess what inspired Chef Sylvain to teach in Malaysia…

Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia is a prestigious culinary arts education centre that offers the most comprehensive training in classic French culinary techniques, led by world-class chefs such as Chef Sylvain. Come and experience it for yourself. 

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