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Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Instructor - Chef Stéphane Frelon

Introducing Chef Stéphane Frelon, Executive Chef and Cuisine Chef instructor at Sunway Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. He obtained his first professional chef qualification in Tours, France in the year 1992. He furthered his studies in Canada, at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree on vocational training in 2015. 

Chef Stéphane hails from Tours, France, where he was born. His career in the culinary arts began in France, where Stéphane started out as a cook apprentice in 1990 at Hotel-Restaurant Le Prieué in Nouzilly, France. In his career path from 1997 to 2013, he has been the executive chef and manager at several restaurants in Canada and England. Some of these include Restaurant -Brasserie A L’Aventure in Montréal, Canada, Restaurant Gastronomique La Fourchette in Brighton, England, Restaurant Italian Fine Dining Leones in Hove, England and Restaurant French Fine dining Victor’s in Brighton, England.

After 2013, he started his teaching career in several institutions and colleges in Canada as a Cuisine Chef Instructor. Chef Stéphane has also pursued his love for the culinary arts by opening his own restaurant called Le Diable O’Thym in his home city of Tours, France.

People who have worked with Chef Stéphane have described him as “Passionate and professional, and a joy to work with.” Chef Stéphane is definitely very passionate about food. He believes that in every country, people meet at the table, with food and that is the uniting factor which is representative of the country and region, and that food brings people and cultures together.

Chef Stéphane joined Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa Canada in 2016. What he is said to like about this reputable culinary arts school is that there are students from 5 continents around the world. That gives students a great experience and an international exposure, learning by sharing each other’s unique experiences from around the globe. As part of his desire to learn more about Asia, he took the opportunity to travel to this region by filling a vacancy in Sunway Le Cordon Blue in Malaysia, through a transfer from the Ottawa school, as Executive Chef and Cuisine Chef Instructor.

“The most important for me is to plan. For sure. You make a journey, I’m sure you have a plan. I’d go to visit this city, I would take this bus. I would take this train. You need to have a plan. It would be the same in a kitchen.”  - Chef Stéphane Frelon

At the highly acclaimed Sunway Le Cordon Bleu, we offer a range of cuisine courses that has the most comprehensive training in French culinary techniques. You will learn from classically trained master chefs with experience working in some of the finest kitchens and restaurants around the world. In this culinary arts school, one can learn the skills necessary to work in the hospitality industry, to opening and operating your own restaurant.

Here we offer the Basic Cuisine Certificate, Intermediate Cuisine Certificate and Superior Cuisine Certificate, and the completion of all these will result in the award of Diplôme de Cuisine.

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