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Our Diplôme de Boulangerie covers Basic Bread Baking Certificate, and Advanced Bread Baking Certificate is the ultimate baking qualification, which can be obtained in 1 year including 3 months of industry placement.

The Boulangerie programme is based on understanding, learning and mastering bakery techniques.

The training mainly comprises practical classes. Theory classes, conferences and bakery related visits are also included. This programme will equip you to be a professional baker ready to be hired in bakery production houses, gourmet bakeries or even opening your own bakery business.

The Bakery programme delivered is an accredited programme by the Department of Skills (JPK) under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia where graduates will be awarded the Level 3 Skill Certificate from the Ministry plus the Diplôme de Boulangerie parchment from Le Cordon Bleu.

Other subjects included in this programme are:

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Key Information

Duration: nine (9) months + three (3) months industrial placement (April, July & October intake)
Fees of 2020:
     RM57,650.00 (Malaysian Applicants)    
     RM64,520.00 (International Applicants)
     * prices included admission fee, set of uniform and tool kit
Entry requirements: High school diploma or equivalent. No prior culinary experience is required.

* The Highfield Food Safety Qualification (External) Certificate is a compulsory subject in our respective accredited programmes. RM600.00 of the Highfield Food Safety Qualification fees should be made before the commencement of the basic level.

Programme Details



    At the basic level students learn how to use professional equipment for basic boulangerie skills. They will learn all aspects of basic boulangerie preparation like mixing methods in bread dough, baking methods, lamination processes, butter bread dough proportion, working with gluten quality cereals, hydration dough method, pastry cream and fillings for baked pastries. Food preparation module will also be covered. Understanding of basic ingredients in Bakery such as composition and properties of flour, diary and sugar.


    At this Advance stage the focus will be artisan boulangerie techniques where students will develop their knowledge of the interrupted baking process and the use of natural levain. All techniques learnt will be applied in a commercial bakery environment to learn about the best equipment to maximise production of quality end products. Whilst mastering these delicate techniques students will work on creative decorative pieces and explore international breads, large variety of flours and gluten free alternative.

    This programme is primarily for individuals ultimately wishing to become high end professional chefs or restaurateurs and who wish to develop advanced culinary skills by studying with a renowned culinary training organization. It is not necessary to have prior culinary training or experience to join the programme, but the passion and commitment to learn from expert international chef instructors and to create the finest dining experiences are essential.
    Graduates will gain the French qualification of a Diplôme de Boulangerie certificate which is recognized worldwide
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