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Having a career is classified somewhat differently than having a job. A career is something a person has a passion for and enjoys doing it, while a job is more so something to pay the bills. If you have a passion or an interest in the preparation of various foods, Le Cordon Bleu could be your you. This school is one the most prestigious cooking academies in the world and with so much success; Le Cordon Bleu now has over fifty schools dispersed across five continents.

This Cooking Academy has many different programs to choose from if you're an aspiring culinary individual and it's partner’s campuses Sunway University also offers management and hospitality courses  since each goes hand-to-hand. Now is a perfect time to turn your ambitions into a realty without having any prior culinary experience. Let's check out a few programs.

Student Scholarships & Bursary

Being such a huge success, Le Cordon Bleu's campus expansions are giving individuals from Malaysia more opportunities. Re-enrolment Scholarships are for international students which actually rewards two scholarships in total for each student. These scholarships pay up to 50% of the student's tuition fee wavers, but you'll have to be enrolled in either the Patissier or Cuisine Course Program full time.

Bursary will also award students with good results to achieve their professional chef’s dream

(Scholarship Applications Process) Open & Close Throughout The Year.

With these benefits there is no wonder why the majority of Le Cordon Bleu's Graduates launch exciting careers. The school personifies creativity, excellence, innovation and personal enrichment.Whatever you call it, cooking academy or cooking school; there is one end goal. Culinary is growing more popular by the day and now is a great time to job aboard. Le Cordon Bleu is a worldwide leader and the very definition of the perfect culinary academy.