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Join Our Grand & Exquisite Open House Event this Coming December 2023!


Get set for our mind-expanding Le Cordon Bleu’s Open House this 16th and 17th December 2023! This is your golden chance to explore the savoury world of culinary arts up close and personal. Join us for a day filled with aromatic dishes, sizzling skills demonstrations, and the chance to meet our coveted chef instructors who are the geniuses behind the kitchen. 

Whether you're an aspiring chef, a food enthusiast, or simply curious about the culinary field, our doors are wide open to welcome you into Le Cordon Bleu’s inspiring ground. Mark your calendars and prepare to feel your mojo alive and kicking at our grand and exquisite open-house event!

What Awaits You at Our Open House?

Curiosity piqued about what lies ahead at our Open House event? Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience featuring culinary showcases, programme counselling, campus tours, and a chance to seize scholarship or bursary opportunities.

#1 Witness Our Chef Instructors in Live Culinary Demos

Guests get to observe our separate cooking demos on 2 different days led by our experienced chef instructors — Chef Sylvain Dubreau and Chef Sarju Ranavaya. They will be whipping up delightful savoury and sweet dishes on two different days.

Tiger Prawn and Soya Risotto with Espelette Pepper Emulsion – December 16th

On the first day, Chef Sylvain Dubreau will amaze you with his exquisite take on a Tiger Prawn and Soya Risotto, infusing it with his unique espelette pepper emulsion. Chef Sylvain's culinary journey started at the Michelin-starred La Melazane by Gourmand in Mauritius in 2004. He then spent five years at Seoul's famous Lotte Hotel before founding his own ultra-exclusive restaurant, Sucre-en-Rose, in Japan.

This dish features succulent tiger prawns and a creamy risotto with a touch of soya. It's enhanced with espelette pepper emulsion, providing a subtle heat and depth of flavour. The result is a delightful ensemble that marries the brininess of prawns, the creaminess of the risotto, and the nuanced spiciness of the emulsion, creating a taste that lingers on the palate.

Gâteau Très au Chocolat – December 17th

On the next day, the head pastry chef instructor, Sarju Ranavaya will inspire your baking passion with his Gâteau Très au Chocolat, typically referred to as a rich and indulgent chocolate cake. With experience ranging from apprenticeship at the Ritz-Carlton to Wolfgang Puck's first European restaurant, he has enriched his culinary journey at esteemed locations including The Berkeley in Knightsbridge, The Langham Hotel, and Rocco Forte's Brown's Hotel.

The Gâteau Très au Chocolat translates to "Very Chocolate Cake" in English is known for its rich and intense chocolate flavour. Made with premium cocoa or high-quality chocolate, this dessert boasts a dense and moist texture. The decadent cake is often characterised by its deep, satisfying chocolate taste — making it a delightful treat for cocoa enthusiasts.

Details of both demonstrations are as below:

Venue: 5th floor, Sunway College Pellaprat Demo Room (North building)

Time: 11:00 AM - 12.00 PM

#2 Comprehensive & Helpful Counselling Session

Expert counsellors will be available to offer valuable insights and address any questions regarding our culinary, pastry, and baking courses. Through one-on-one conversations, they will grasp your aspirations and academic objectives, assisting you in exploring programme choices and career opportunities. So if you're torn between the love for pastry arts and the allure of savoury cooking, our counsellors will guide you in sorting out an ideal course that suits your main goal.

#3 Campur Tour, Discovering Every Corner

At the Open House, you can stroll around the campus, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and picturing yourself in one of Malaysia's top culinary schools. Whether you're curious about our dining spots or want a sneak peek into student life, our campus tour has got you covered.

It's a fantastic opportunity to explore our hands-on learning spaces — from clean classrooms to well-equipped facilities and creative study areas. Our friendly guides will be with you, sharing interesting tidbits, answering your questions, and pointing out what makes our campus a standout destination for chasing your culinary aspirations.

#4 Opportunities To Get Scholarships

We save the best for last! You also have the chance to grab scholarships or bursaries that help you thrive in the industry. The scholarship offers a generous sum of RM5000, while the bursary provides financial support of up to RM10,000. This exclusive offer is designed to empower budding chefs, ensuring financial ease as they pursue their culinary passion. Nothing should stand in the way of their dreams to excel in the culinary world. 

We Look Forward to Welcoming You!

Are you intrigued? Join the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu family at our upcoming Open House event. This is your opportunity to further explore our cutting-edge facilities, gain insights into our courses, and uncover exciting opportunities for a rewarding career. Save the date, bring your family and friends along, and brace yourself for an inspiring experience! 

We're eagerly anticipating your presence. See you soon!