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Discover What Makes Our Plant-Based Culinary Course Different Compared to Others


There's a rising appetite for plant-based dishes as more and more Malaysians are embracing the local favourite like Char Kway Teow with a delightful array of tofu, crisp greens, and the same scrumptious sauce over this stir-fried flat rice noodles. In Malaysia, a fascinating shift is underway in the culinary landscape as plant-sourced dishes take the spotlight. And the interest in green eats isn’t merely a passing trend. It's morphing into a lifestyle choice for many!

Today, Le Cordon Bleu is breaking new ground by introducing an innovative plant-based programme — taking the lead by being the first culinary school and Le Cordon Bleu school in Asia to offer this plant-based programme!

Interested to Learn the Unique of Plant-Based Dishes?

We understand that the intrigue around plant-based dishes is on the rise. Curiosity piqued, taste buds ready — Le Cordon Bleu's Plant-Based Course is here to unravel the knowledge of crafting exquisite dishes totally incorporated from plants that will elevate your kitchen flair.

Plant-Based Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu

This diploma course centres on the art of rustling up dishes exclusively from plant-derived ingredients. It offers a diverse range of product knowledge, culinary skills, and an extensive repertoire of recipes. Students will delve into a rich variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and pulses — acquiring profound expertise in ingredient diversity and innovative culinary applications. Tailored to meet the increasing demand for green dining experiences and products, this programme delivers specialised culinary education in this burgeoning field.


Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts – Cuisine

With a commitment to hands-on learning and a continuous growth mindset, our programme is here to prepare you for success in the field of culinary arts and F&B enterprises. What you will learn in plant-based cuisine:

Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts – Pâtisserie

Students will dive into a mix of hands-on baking and expert guidance to whip up stunning plant-based treats, omitting animal products. Get ready to whisk, mix, and bake your way into a world of flavours that’ll surprise all. What you will learn in plant-based pâtisserie:

5 Key Advantages for Chefs Embracing Plant-Based Culinary Training in Malaysia

#1 Diverse Culinary Skills

Learning plant-based courses expands a chef's repertoire, offering skills to create innovative and diverse dishes using local produce.

#2 Meeting Market Demand

With the rising popularity of plant-based diets, chefs equipped with these skills can cater to the booming demand for such culinary options.

#3 Health-Conscious Offerings

Plant-based cooking skills enable chefs to craft healthier dishes, aligning with the growing trend of health-conscious dining preferences.

#4 Cultural Fusion

In Malaysia, blending traditional local cuisine with plant-derived approaches offers a unique dining experience, combining heritage with innovation.

#5 Sustainability Focus

Learning plant-based cooking emphasises earth-friendly practices, aligning with global efforts for a more sustainable food industry.

How Le Cordon Bleu's Plant-Based Culinary Programme Sets Us Apart

At Le Cordon Bleu, our approach distinguishes itself from other culinary institutions through a meticulous emphasis on utilising locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. From the vibrant local produce to the freshest ingredients, every dish is a celebration of what our land has to offer.

What’s more, taste and beauty go hand in hand for us. Our mission? To make plant-based food not just healthy but jaw-droppingly exquisite, beautifully plated, and so delicious you will forget it's actually healthy too!

This commitment to creating tantalising plant-powered meals using predominantly local produce sets our course apart, ensuring a unique culinary experience rooted in freshness, taste, and aesthetic refinement. And we want to welcome you to this culinary journey where tasty and stunning plant-based creations steal the show.

Secure Your Spot in Le Cordon Bleu's Plant-Based Courses Today!

Le Cordon Bleu's plant-based programmes offer a gateway to reimagine food culture. Through esteemed culinary education, you will acquire skills to craft delicious, sustainable dishes. Enrol in our Plant-Based Courses for an 11-week transformative journey, featuring expert instruction, hands-on learning, and industry exposure — and become a part of a forward-thinking chef.

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