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Completion of the Certificat d’Assistant, Certificat de Cadet and Certificat de Commis results in the award of Diplome de Commis Cuisinier. You will learn to master the necessary skills to create fine cuisine dishes through a combination of practical sessions, demonstrations and theory lessons, gaining knowledge from our team of classically trained Le Cordon Bleu master chef who have experience working in senior position in the world’s finest kitchens and Michelin star restaurants.

Our cuisine master chefs of Le Cordon Bleu lead demonstrations to show you how to produce dishes to the highest professional standard. You are then tasked with replicating what you have been shown in one of our dedicated cuisine practical kitchens under the guidance of one of our master chefs of Le Cordon Bleu to ensure satisfactory progress is made.

Theoretical technical classes explore a specific culinary subject or ingredient and are taught through concise classroom sessions. Each technical class is supplemented by supporting resources to underpin the practical knowledge taught and provide context to the techniques developed and ingredient used.

4 intakes yearly: January, April, July and October

Key Information

Duration: Nine (9) months
Fees of 2017:
     RM88,800 (Malaysian Applicants)
     RM94,600 (International Applicants)
     * prices included admission fee, set of uniform and utensil
Hours per week: 18 hours
Entry requirements: High school diploma or equivalent. No prior culinary experience is required.


  • Course Structure

    The aim of this programme is to provide and introduce on to French Cuisine.

    • French culinary terms and definitions
    • The use and care of cookery equipment
    • Working in a safe and hygienic manner
    • Food preparation and mise en place
    • Work organisation and planning
    • Introduction to French Cuisine
    • French classical cooking techniques
    • Variations of cooking methods
    • Fonds de Cuisine – foundation sauces production
    • Commodities – receiving and storage

    Emphasis is placed on the importance of:

    • Mise en place, organisation and workflow planning in the preparation and service of meals
    • Classical French stocks, glazes, basic and advanced sauces and soups
    • Hors d’oeuvre, canapés, salads and appetizers
    • Vegetables, eggs and farinaceous cooking techniques and menu items
    • French Pastries and cakes
    • Prepare and cook simple hot and cold desserts
    • Career preparation and workplace communication

    Student develop a creative approach to the preparation and service of French classical and contemporary international cuisine menu:

    • Meat, poultry and game preparations and cookery techniques, dish presentation and finishes
    • Seafood preparations and cookery techniques, dish presentation and finishes
    • Cheese knowledge and uses menu trends and market application
    • Desserts a l’assiette
    • Preparation of foods for dietary, allergies and cultural requirements
    • Seasonal and market influences in cuisine
    • Classical and contemporary menus
    • Modern approach to plate design and presentation to restaurant standards
    • Organize and prepare mise en place for a restaurant situation in a team
    • Presentation and service requirements of the finished menu
    • Teamwork
    • Career preparation and workplace
  • Who is this programme for ?

    We welcomes anyone who have the passion to learn and to cook regardless of experience and background. Students do not need to have prior culinary experience to join us.

  • What qualification will I gain ?

    Graduates will gain the French qualification of a Diplôme de Cuisine certificate which is recognized worldwide

  • Term Dates & Apply
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  • Liang2
    Deciding to join Le Cordon Bleu was simultaneously one of the most challenging yet most rewarding experiences I've had, ever. I've always wanted to have my own restaurant so deciding on a culinary academy that would both enhance my skills and give me the confidence to pursue this dream of mine was a huge priority, for which I'm glad to say, that I found all these and more at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. The lessons, the camaraderie amongst fellow chefs and the cooking will be memories that is hard to forget.
    Tan Chung Liang - Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier
  • 33351

    It's really a great feeling when passion bind together with studies. You will definitely love what you're doing. Moreover, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia has given me the best teachers and its wonderful cooking techniques, in which I believed it couldn't be obtained anywhere else. And what I have to do is just put all my effort on it.

    Vinia Alvionita - Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier
  • 33348

    After joining Le Cordon Bleu there is no looking for me in the food industry. Thanks to professional guidance of Chef Rodolphe and Chef David - Chef instructors of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, I was able to refine my cooking techniques and that gave me a great head star into the working world as a chef. This is because Le Cordon Bleu does not only retain its classical cooking techniques but also introduces students to cutting edge culinary techniques that are used in the industry today. For that, I am proud to be a part of the Le Cordon Bleu alumni.

    Amelia Ng Mei Vern - Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier
  • 32625
    Being the oldest culinary institute in the world, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia definitely lives up the standard by having experienced culinary instrutors, state of the art kitchens and the best quality & wide range of ingredients for the students. I am glad i did my Diplome de Cuisine with Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia as i was professionally trained and molded by the chefs, to prepare for the international kitchen
    Chua Tor Aik - Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier
  • 33350
    l really enjoyed myself during my time at Le Cordon Bleu. I have learned a lot from the Lecturer Chefs there. Le Cordon Bleu do not cut corners either on the ingredients we used to learn to cook or on the Lecturer Chefs. They bring in the best Chefs, whom are strict but fair and they teach you all the trick of the trade in cooking and French Cuisine
    Datin Su Wai Fun - Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier