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Boulangerie - Professional Development Innovation Certificate


Professional Development Certificates For Industry chefs – Employed or Home Based Business
If you’re looking to take your culinary skills to the next level, this series will help you develop advanced culinary skills to take your cooking/ baking to the next level. This course is about cooking in a way that builds an insight into technology and implementation of taste and being creative which in return creates delicious food.

Whether you’re an experienced chef looking to broaden your expertise or an aspiring culinary artist just starting out, these certificates can help you achieve your career goals. Learn to cook gourmet recipes alongside our world-class Chef Instructors through these workshop classes.

You will be taught innovative and contemporary approaches to cooking -  including emulsifying , foams, gelling low-temperature cooking, spherification, thickening  and smoking. We will share trending recipes that uses beans, grains, legumes as well as plant base products. to stay in the competition in your businesses or professional careers.

This will help you to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques. and stay in the competition in your businesses or professional careers.

Course Details:

Price            : 1 lesson (2 days classes) - RM2,500
                     : 3 lessons and above - RM2,300 per lesson
                     : 5 lessons (10 days classes) - RM10,800
Chef            : Chef Instructor of Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia 
Duration    : 75 hours of training* (Classes are conducted on Monday (9am - 5pm) and Tuesday (9am - 5pm) over 5 weeks

This course is open to: Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chefs from the industry and Le Cordon Bleu Alumni

*Dates are subject to change, payment for 3 and above lessons, please whatsapp to 019-305 2586 or email to malaysia@cordonbleu.edu

Course Contents:

LESSON 1: Advanced Sourdough Baguette
Date: 24 July & 25 July 2023
• Fromentine
• Paysanne
• Tradition baguette
• Campaillette
• Sevaine
• Baguette Normande (AOC du Perche)

LESSON 2: Advanced Classical Leaven Bread
Date: 21 Aug & 22 Aug 2023

• Cristal bread High-hydration 106%
• Cider bread with hard leaven 
• Red wine sourdough bread with chorizo
• Rounded sourdough bread with beer starter
• Potato dry tomato pugliese  
• Blackcurrant sourdough bread

LESSON 3: Advanced Sweet and Savoury Bread with Japanese Influence

Date: 11 Sep & 12 Sep 2023

• Chocolate- cherry sourdough bread 
• Kabocha style mango bread  
• Shokupan 
• Pannetone with sweet leaven 
• Pumpkin melon pan 
• Baguette Apero

LESSON 4: Special Laminated Yeast Dough (part 1)

Date: 2 Oct & 3 Oct 2023

• Beetroot Croissant with raspberry inserts 
• Croissant pur beurre with levain
• Double XXL Chocolate danish
• Mango cheese cake brioffin
• Brownie
• Blackcurrant kulgehoff with guava crème brûlée


LESSON 5: Special Laminated Yeast Dough (part 2)
Date: 6 Nov & 7 Nov 2023

• Croissant with poolish starter 
• Caramelized chocolate puff danish
• Danish Feuillete with red fruits   
• Croquant Religieuse bun with green tea    
• Blackcurrant flowers milk bread
• Caramel chocolate brioche éclair 

Boulangerie Professional Development Innovation Certificate

  • Information

    • Open to: Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chefs from the industry and Le Cordon Bleu Alumni ONLY

    • The classrooms are equipped with professional equipment

    • Course materials are provided

    • A RM500 deposit for tool kit on loan for the program is required. Any lost or damaged items will be charged accordingly by cost price.

    • A certificate of participation from Le Cordon Bleu Institute is issued by Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia at the end of each course.

    •The institute reserves the right to modify the induction procedure, fees, dates, organisation, and structure of all its training programmes.

  • Dates & Apply
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