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So You Want To Become A Master Chef? Here’s How to Do It!


Becoming a world-renowned chef might have crossed your mind upon constantly hearing compliments on your cooking from those you prepared the meal for. Truth be told, however, the road to becoming a top-tier culinarian is definitely not an easy pursuit. This is especially more so if you choose to enroll at a leading culinary school. It takes time, commitment, and immeasurable hours of hard work and dedication.

You might be wondering, is being passionate alone enough to be a chef? Well, it’s a start. If it’s something you aspire to, it is totally feasible to become one. Read on to acquire some helpful guides on setting yourself on the path to calling yourself a master chef.

Step 1: Get Personal Exposure
Your first step as you forge down the path toward a career in cooking is to spend most of your time in the kitchen and practice. Pick recipes that are out of your comfort zone and prepare them. As you get better, trial and error food pairings or experiment with different recipes with new skills you have yet to develop. And once you’ve familiarised yourself with ingredients and techniques, create your own recipe.

Also, serve your food to different people as it helps you to get different perspectives. However, you may get a better point of view from somebody who is already familiar with the cuisine. Let’s say you enjoy cooking Chinese cuisine. Getting an opinion from someone who loves Chinese food will give you more detailed feedback.

Step 2: Enroll At A Leading Culinary School
Knowing your way around the kitchen seems like a flair that one would think education is not necessary. However, it is more promising and easier to earn a position if you are equipped with the proper culinary knowledge. So, instead of merely sending resumes to hotels and restaurants with your personal cooking experience, obtaining a diploma is a step you must never skip.

If you are in a quandary about which culinary institution you should enroll in, Le Cordon Bleu is a no-brainer as it is a leading culinary school in Malaysia. The programs are constantly adapted to meet the demands of the tourism, hotel, and food service sectors, ensuring you achieve the goal of becoming a skillful and revered chef.

Step 3: Get Practical Work Experience
With personal kitchen readiness and a diploma certificate hanging on your wall, it’s time to furnish yourself with some practical work. Bear in mind that you will not likely start as a chef right away. You need years of experience and to be a student at a leading culinary school under the guidance of a professional chef before becoming one.

That said, an internship or apprenticeship will provide you with the real-life exposure, finesse, and hands-on knowledge gotten from the chef, line cooks, and sous chef. Plus, working with these chefs will help you develop valuable networking connections as well.

Step 4: Get Your First Job As A Chef
With the circle of networks and practical cooking experience you have developed, polish your resume and start sending out job applications to local restaurants. Make use of your networking channels and sell yourself. You may land your first chef position as a commis or chef de partie. Whichever it is, work until you are ready for the next chef level or new opportunities arise.

Step 5: Work Your Way Up!
After a while of working as a junior chef or line cook, it is time for you to climb up the career ladder and secure a better chef position. You might need to switch restaurants because different establishments will allow you to diversify work cultures and operating models. Thus, if you are currently working as a line cook, don’t hesitate to apply for the sous chef position.

A sous chef will be working directly under a head chef, and this presents a perfect chance to grasp advanced techniques that you haven’t mastered before. Work with the head chef for at least one to three years. Over time, you’ll become more seasoned and thoroughly witness the responsibility a head chef has to bear—which will prepare you towards becoming a coveted Le Cordon Bleu master chef.

In A Nutshell
Simply said, if you love handling knives and pans, make a career out of it by following these steps. The culinary arts programme offered at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia is highly comprehensive, aimed at equipping you with all the necessary skills and knowledge. Enroll today and get formally trained by our cream of the crop Le Cordon Bleu master chefs.

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