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“To Be or Not To Be A Professional Chef?” Here Are 6 Considerations to Help You Determine Your Culinary Interest!


Are you a fresh graduate stuck at a crossroads? Do you have a knack for cooking but are worried it might be a horrible career choice? 

The culinary world has changed dramatically in recent years, and new cooking approaches are making headlines worldwide. Since many culinary schools establish the groundwork for both sweet and savoury career tracks within the same curriculum, it has been proven that the atmosphere and tempo, as well as exposure to the culture, effectively hone your skills. Thus not having you feel compelled to choose either one or the other right away as a result.

But does that mean you should enroll in a professional chef program? And how do you know if it’s right for you? Here are the pros and cons of attending a culinary school for you to decide on your own!

The Good

  1. Explore Your Passion for Food

In-depth culinary education isn’t necessary to work in a professional kitchen or in the food industry. However, it can certainly help. Attending a culinary school can also support your commitment to food as a career rather than merely a job. Someone who’s devoted to a career in the food industry may be preferred by chefs over one who only views the position as temporary employment in a field where turnover might be significant.

  1. Freedom and Creativity

The art of cooking is a wonderful medium for self-expression and social interaction. During your time in culinary school, you’ll have the chance to create new recipes, experiment with unusual ingredients, and create your own restaurant concept. If you want to express your creativity via food, the culinary arts are a great field to pursue.

  1. Industry Networking/Global Job Opportunities

The only way to truly understand the value of connections is through working. You increase your chances of meeting people from various business sectors by continuously enrolling in relevant courses and going to as many events as possible. You could even get to seek their guidance on how to deal with challenging substances.

Moreover, making the most of your contacts is important if you work in a field where it may be necessary to move for better opportunities. 

The Bad

  1. The Cost of Culinary School

Depending on the institution, cooking school costs as much as a bachelor’s degree. Scholarships are available, although they do not fully pay most student’s tuition. Unless certain employers are willing to pay more for culinary school graduates, the latter may not see a financial return on their investment that they benefit from that formal training in the kitchens.

You will therefore need to take loans or save money. Paying for your culinary degree is simple if you take out a student loan from a private lender. In addition to giving you more flexibility for repayment once you start working, this might lessen some of the responsibilities during your schooling.

  1. Limited Learning Growth/Slow Climb to the Top

It’s not like you’re going to prestigious universities, where when you come out you’re going to make the big bucks. By the time you leave, you are essentially working in a kitchen meant for beginners while earning an average amount per hour. So you have to start from the ground and still work your way up after graduating. Remain a humble lifestyle and make that sacrifice.

  1. Hard Life and Long Hours

Since you must attend classes full-time, it will be challenging for you to maintain a job. You might find it too tough to balance a career with your studies because working in the kitchen all day is exhausting. The good news is that you can complete culinary school in 30 to 60 weeks rather than spending nearly half a decade in classes.

You won’t be as available as normal while you’re in school if you have a partner or kids. You’ll have to return home after a long day and start getting ready for the next. There would be even less time for you to spend with your loved ones if you work as well. While many wish to change careers and adore the thought of attending culinary school, they also have to admit that it’s challenging for them to be so far away from their families while they are in school. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t be alarmed at the cons of choosing culinary as part of your journey! Our Cordon Bleu Culinary School is a premier culinary institute in the world. We believe that most people have a passion for food, and you should be free to explore it! Our chefs offer a curriculum that will give you practical experience while promoting your creativity and freedom to explore a wide range of techniques. We are proud to offer a variety of curriculums to fit your interests as well as competitive tuition fees. An institute where we are as sharp as our knives and as exquisite as our flavours can be!

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