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              The Art of Making Sauces and Jus - 2 days


              Give your dish a professional finish
              During 2 days of hands-on classes you will discover one of the secrets that make French cuisine great: its sauces. You will work with a Le Cordon Bleu Chef and learn the techniques for preparing traditional as well as modern sauces.
              Workshops take place in practical class rooms, and give you as much exposure as possible to the working environment of a professional kitchen. This hands-on experience gives the more knowledgeable gourmet enthusiast the opportunity to innovate.


              Day 1


              • Fish stock, white chicken stock, shellfish stock
              • Sea bream with fish stock
              • Chicken breasts sauce supreme with mushrooms
              • Jumbo shrimp soup with tomato and garlic


              • Duck « magret » with citrus fruits
              • Rack of lamb, thyme flavoured jus
              Cold sauce
              • Pistou sauce


              Day 2

              • Mayonnaise
              • Bechamel Sauce
              • Rouille sauce
              • Saltimbocca style sautéed veal
              • Fresh tomato sauce and derivatives
              • Bearnaise sauce
              • Danish style spice marinated salmon


              Translated into English.
              Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
              Uniform included: tea towel and apron.
              Approx. 6 hours of class a day

              Price: € 325.00

              Duration: 2 days

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              Course: The Art of Making Sauces and Jus - 2 days

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