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              12 months 90 classes

              Master basic to advanced culinary techniques which can be applied to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary tradition, cuisines and current trends from around the world. The Cuisine Diploma is earned when the student successfully completes the Initiation, Basic, Intermediate and Superior Cuisine courses. The student will also receive a certificate for each course successfully completed.


              • Initiation Cuisine

                3 months 22 classes

                In Initation Cuisine, Techniques become more complex. Demonstrations become more menu-oriented, incorporating such elements as organization, preparation, balance and timing. Beginners develop the techniques they need for later semesters and experienced students fortify the knowledge and skills.

              • Basic Cuisine

                3 months 22 classes

                Basic Cuisine introduces you to classic French regional dishes. You begin to perform tasks more easily and instinctively. Basic Cuisine emphasizes the importance of mise en place: understanding, organization and production. Demonstrations highlight various kinds of presentations from platter to plate.

              • Intermediate Cuisine

                3 months 23 classes

                You apply what you have learned during the courses to more varied French regional cuisines. Through Repeated practices, you can develop your own style and dishes. Moreover you will be able to experience working with a wider range of ingredients, from the modest to the magnificent.

              • Superior Cuisine

                3 months 23 classes

                You are encouraged to be more creative in both taste and presentation. You will also be required to prepare technical dishes, based on compulsory dishes. You will put the last touches on Superior Cuisine program by presenting an original dish, based on a mystery basket of ingredients.


              • KwangSun Kim_1

                Freelance chef, Restaurant consultant

                Almuni Kim Kwang Sun was an Italian chef working with famous chefs in the field already. After couple of years, he started to get interested in French cuisine as he encountered related information while working with culinary magazines and providing restaurant consulting to clients. Finally he found that Le Cordon Blue –Sookmyung Academy would be the prefect institution for learning French cuisine in Korea. He says that it was a wonderful opportunity for him to know the taste, flavor, direction and style that French cuisine pursue.

                Kwang-Sun Kim(Cuisine Diploma 2011)
              • Korean Alumni_Seung-Hwan Shin

                Restaurant ‘Zuberoa’, Spain

                After graduation he started to work at a Japanese restaurant from the age of 18 and interested in Asian cuisine. But he developed interests in French culinary when he was given the book ‘LCB Cooking Techniques’ by a chef. Then he entered LCB-Sookmyung Academy. He studied about famous restaurants and successfully got a position abroad. He worked at ‘Jumeirah Beach Hotel’ in Dubai and 'The Boathouse on Black Wattle Bay' in Sydney and ‘Zuberoa’ in Spain.

                Seung-Hwan Shin(Cuisine Diploma, 2006)