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Le Cordon bleu-Sookmyung Academy offers premium practical cooking equipment, impressive classroom facilities as well as outstanding services.

Demonstration Room

Students can watch demonstration in the DEMO room which has with video monitoring system and angled, overhead mirrors for the students to closely observe every detail of Chef's technique. Students can have closer look on the technique and presentations of the products and even inside the pots through the video monitor and overhead mirror throughout the class. Also, language interpretation is provided to translate French or English into Korea for better communications inside the classroom. Interpreters are present during the demonstration in order to help the communication between Chef and student, as well as to provide explanations about relevant terminologies and knowledge to students.
**Classroom Names: CHEVET and BRAZIER

Practice Room

The Kitchen is fully furnished for the practice class with cookware sets and equipment. Individual practice spaces will also be provided to all the students. The practice class will be supervised by the chef and assisted by Korean assistant chefs. Each student will be practicing in their individual practice spots. Total of 14 students will be assigned to one practice class. Equipment and facilities such as ovens, stoves, refrigerators and cutting boards will be in placed in the practice room according to the number of students. Atelier classroom has wide and flat wood table for students to practice dough making during the class. Other various equipment, spaces and appliances are specifically set to enrich the flavor and quality of bread products in baking class.
** Classroom Names: POULARD, TATIN, FAVRE, POINT


Lounge is an open place for students and also can be extended to be part of the DEMO Room by opening the sliding door being utilized as an event hall for special occasions.