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You. Jongha / Owner Chef of Amiwol

(12’ Spring Cuisine Diplomat, 15’ Winter Bakery Diplomat Graduate)
I always asked myself this question during my fiercest career. "Why do I exist?" I found the answer to this longing question at Le Cordon Bleu, and the answer was this. "I cook therefore I am" (refers to Rene Descartes). The definition of cooking is as follows: 'to make food in the right way by using different ingredients together properly.' Anyone who has ever cooked knows how hard it is to do it in "the right way." Le Cordon Bleu was the place where I have learned it step by step on how to do that in the 'right way' systematically.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, many people often ask me, "Is learning from Le Cordon Bleu helpful in cooking Korean cuisine?”. I always say, "Le Cordon Bleu isn't just a place to teach French cuisine; it's a place to teach the basics of cooking systematically, really from the fundamentals.

I think when you learn cooking, what you cook at the beginning is the most important thing. I think that cooking, in the beginning, plays the same role as one's mother tongue in one's cooking career. If your mother tongue is a global standard, you will become a strong and competitive chef, no matter what you cook after graduation. I am sure Le Cordon Bleu is the best place for teaching the mother tongue of cooking.

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