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Yang, Hyewoon / CSR Program Director & CEO at Splendour. Ltd

(2020 Diplôme de Cuisine Graduate)
Since I have worked for NGO for more than ten years, I have had many opportunities to visit schools, daycare centers, and orphanages in the underdeveloped region for work. There were local grandmothers who a makes food for the students also quality ingredients from mother nature. Only corn meal soups and simple stews were served to the students there.

That made me think that teaching people to perceive 'proper eating' could be as important as teaching them how to read and write. So, I started to think about how to teach them 'Proper eating' through education. That led me to the question: "where should I learn the expertise on cuisine and food?". Finally, I have decided to start my study on the Cuisine Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu, which provides the fundamental knowledge of cooking. As the program covered the technique and overall knowledge of food, culture, and ingredients, I was strongly inspired by the program more than I expected.

Additionally, as the program requires students to cooperate with classmates, we could have precious opportunities to learn from each other. In the basic cuisine course, we trained and learned how to treat the ingredients like vegetables, eggs, and meats. It proceeds to world cuisine in the Intermediate course and finally moves on to the current trendy dishes and innovative cuisine in the Superior course.

The most precious lesson that I have learned from this program is respecting the value of all ingredients. It inspired me to make a program to let people know the right mindset and respect for food. And the technique, knowledge, and attitude of respecting food that I have learned from Le Cordon Bleu paved the way for the new opportunity in my career.

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