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The Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy are from Le Cordon Bleu International, who are all experts in the industry with advanced knowledge and experiences in 5 star Hotels or restaurants.

Georges Ringeisen, Cuisine Chef

Georges Ringeisen, born in France, achieved his certificate B.E.P. approved by the French Ministry of Education. He also has master’s degree of culinary arts in Poppe & Neumann, school of hospitality, in Germany. He built his career at Michelin star restaurants and 4 star hotels since he was an apprentice chef. After he finished his military service in France, he worked for the world famous hotels and cruises, restaurants in many countries such as Germany, Singapore, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, China, UK and so on. He has been the executive chef for more than 10 years including Accor hotels group and Le MERDIEN hotel and resort. From 2014, he started working for “The Grand Pacific Hotel”, five star Hotel in Fiji as the chief executive chef. He joined Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy on February, 2016.


Roland Hinni, Cuisine Chef 

With 40 years of career, Chef Roland Hinni is well known as a Master Chef with working experiences at numerous deluxe hotels like Westin Hotel, Shilla Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and Ritz Carlton as an executive chef. After majoring in Cuisine and Hotel Management in Switzerland, he started building his career at the world class Hotels and Restaurants in Philippines, Egypt and UAE. He was one of the opening members and the Executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Seoul, leading the restaurants and the culinary team to success. He has an outstanding career not only as an opening trainer of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Japan but also as an award winner and a panel member of international culinary competitions. He now he joined Le Cordon Bleu Sookmyung Academy to spread his culinary expertise into a systematic curriculum of Le Cordon Bleu passing the legacy into the hands of Korean students.


Pierre Legendre, Pastry Chef

Chef Pierre Legendre achieved his C.A.P.(Certified Authorization Professional) in both Cuisine and Pastry, and has experiences working for well known pastry shops where he learned the knowledge about ingredients and diverse pastry techniques. He was in charge of supreme commander meals in the army of French Guiana. After finishing his service the military, he returned to Paris to work with hotels and restaurants, being in charge of the pastry part as a pastry chef. He has experiences with La Durée in Paris and Tokyo as the chef in charge of the pastry products, cakes and decorations, a world-famous desserts and macaroon franchise. He devoted his life to spreading French traditional pastry all around the world. He started working with Le Cordon Bleu International in Japan and now he has joined le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy in Korea.


Javier Mercado, Pastry Chef

Chef Javier Mercado was born in Puerto Rico while grew up in the United States achieving his BA degree of Pastry Art at Johnson & Wales University. Since 1997, he started his career at Westin Carambola Beach Resort in the island of Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands, U.S. He also extended his working experience as a pastry menu developer. Not only himself but also his students recorded remarkable achievements at the competitions hosted by the Chef Association. In both 2010 and 2012, he won the best Sugar Showpiece award at European Pastry Cup. He also won the Grand prix of best Sugar Showpiece at the UK British Championship in both 2011 and 2013. He also contributed to the UK team for winning the 6th rank at the World pastry cup, the world’s privileged pastry competition (Coupe du monde de la patisserie), in 2015 as a leader. He has been teaching pastry for a long time in UK and recently has joined Le Cordon Bleu International and passed on his pastry knowledge to the Le Cordon Bleu Students since 2012.


Fabrice Cardelec, Pastry Chef

Chef Fabrice Cardelec has acquired his diploma in Pastry, Bakery, Confectionery, Chocolate, Frozen desserts and Catering at National Bakery and Pastry Institute (INBP, Rouen France). He started to build his career by working as a bakery and pastry professor at New England Culinary Institute in the US for 4 years from 1998. Since then, he expanded his career at one of the famous Michelin Restaurants, the restaurant of Alain Ducasse and went further to work at numerous international 5 star hotels like Intercontinental, Westin and Sofitel Hotels as an executive pastry chef showing the world of authentic pastry. Most recently, he worked as an executive pastry chef at Hotel Borobudur of Indonesia creating new pastry menu of Molecular Gastronomy in order to lead the trend. Now he is working at Le Cordon Bleu Sookmyung Academy from 2017 to hand over his know-how and skills to talented students.


Julien Cassin, Bakery Chef

Chef Julien Cassin was born in Toulouse, France and has studied in INBP (Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie). As a French C.A.P (CAP Boulanger) holder, Chef Cassin said that he has entered into the world of bakery as he was fascinated by the techniques of creating different and new taste only with adjusting the amount of flour, water and salt. Thanks to his former career as a scientist, he has not only a deep understanding in biochemical system of proving but also adopted innovative methods to create new bakery products with engineering approach. His sourdough bread (baguette) is certified as a Label Rouge Baguettes which is a name given only to the baguettes which follows the way of the traditional baking method of French Baguette. Recently, he was a Headbaker of Maison Coco of SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina in charge of bread production and development of long fermentation process and sourdough without additives and puff pastries (croissant / pain au chocolat) without additives. He also led the success of the Maison Coco by involving in bakery management and product development. He is now one of our master chefs in Le Cordon Bleu Sookmyung Academy starting from Jan, 2018 handing over his experience and technique to our students.


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