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  • Testimonial - Lee. Young La

    Lee, Young La

    (2013 Diplôme de Cuisine. Executive Chef of Urban Delight)

    As more than 250 recipes that I have learned are the fundamental and essence of Western cuisine, I am still developing menus and researching ingredients based on the contents of the school days. The chef who taught me advised me to be a chef who can cook the most common ingredients the best. I was able to build a solid foundation and have a good mindset, thanks to the great teacher at the best cooking school. Even after graduation, I am getting help by communicating with alumni through active support from the school.

  • Testimonial - You. Jongha

    You, Jongha

    (2012 Diplôme de Cuisine, 2015 Diplôme de Boulangerie. Owner Chef of Amiwol)

    "Why do I exist?" Found the answer at Le Cordon Bleu, "I cook therefore I am”. The definition of cooking: to make food in the right way by using ingredients. People ask me, “Is learning from LCB helpful in Korean cuisine?”. I always say, “It isn’t just a place to teach French cuisine; it's to teach the basics". The beginning plays the role of mother tongue. If that's a global standard, you will become competitive. LCB is the best place for the mother tongue.

  • YANG-Hyewoon_alumni_Cuisine-Graduate_Square

    Yang, Hyewoon

    (2020 Diplôme de Cuisine, CSR Program Director & CEO at Splendour. Ltd)

    Since I have worked for NGO more than 10 years, I have had many opportunities to visit the underdeveloped region for work. Only corn meal soups and simple stews were served to the student. That made me think that teaching people to have the perception of ‘proper eating’. I started to think about how to teach them this through education. I have decided to start my study on Cuisine Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu. As the program covered not only the technique but also overall knowledge on food, culture and ingredients.

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