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  • Testimonial - Lee. Eunjung

    Lee, Eunjung

    (2019 Diplôme de Boulangerie)

    After hearing that I could actually make a variety of bread during the practice class, I decided to enter Le Cordon Bleu. After the process of measuring, mixing, fermentation, molding, and baking, I found myself repeatedly saying to myself, "It really works!" It was definitely helpful for my current work and it made me to expect more for my future. Everyone has the same amount of time. I think 'how I spend that time' is important. At the end of the baking course, I praised myself, saying, 'It was a really good choice!’

  • Testimonial - Lim. Hoon

    Lim, Hoon

    (2015 Diplôme de Boulangerie. CEO of Fuhaha, Café Maupassant, Rum and Vanilla)

    "They're crying because they're hot and hungry. Don't take your eyes and ears off of them. Learn how to interpret recipes." Chef yells at students who only focus on taking notes during the class. "Don't try to follow the recipes but learn to interpret the recipes." “Them” that the chef meant were breads that are in kneading bowl, fermentation rooms and in the oven. The chef taught me to treat the dough like living creatures, and it was the core that I’ve learned from Le Cordon Bleu.

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