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  • Testimonial - Kim. Min Jeung

    Kim, Min Jeung

    (2018 Diplôme de Pâtisserie. CEO of Happy Happy Cake)

    While working as a designer, I became interested in pastry. Le Cordon Bleu was the school I wanted to study for the 2nd stage of my life. I learned the importance of the basic things and attitudes. Thanks to the vivid explanation of real experience from the chefs, I realized how much effort is required and how rewarding it can be. When I face challenges, I think about the school days. I appreciate the solid curriculum, the advice and help of chefs, and for giving me the chance to meet reliable colleagues.

  • Testimonial - Seo. Jung A

    Seo, Jung A

    (2012 Diplôme de Pâtisserie. CEO of Manon Troppo)

    After watching 'Julie and Julia' Le Cordon Bleu was the background, I decided to fulfill my long-cherished dream. I started with home baking, but the more I learned, the deeper I was craving for the basics and principles of pastry. LCB's pastry class satisfied my thirst with a solid hands-on curriculum. I am running a Bakery Cafe and training future talents. I was able to make excellent products with inspiration from the various ingredients, thanks to the training at LCB. It was a time to develop myself in pastry.

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