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With the world’s largest network of culinary and hospitality management schools, Le Cordon Bleu is naturally represented at gastronomy and educational events wherever they are located. You will find us, for example, at career fairs in Sydney, educational forums in Mumbai, and expos in Paris, London or Tokyo. Wherever the best can be found, we’ll be there, anywhere in the world. We think it’s important that young people have the opportunity to talk to us face-to-face about our programs and courses, as well as doing their research online.

When you visit us at an event in your region, we can tell you everything you need to know and the career opportunities that are open to you through studying at any one of our numerous campuses. But just as important, we get to find out about you and your hopes and dreams. More often than not we find Le Cordon Bleu is a perfect match for young people looking for an international career in any hospitality related field. And it’s not a matter of taking our word for it: our many thousands of graduates dotted around the globe speak for themselves.

Talk to us, feel the excitement, glimpse your future.


Chef shares message of diversity

Chef shares message of diversity

Windy Wulundari, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and pageant queen, has an important message to share that diversity in all things (including food) is beautiful.

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