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You can apply for a study program at the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney campus either online or by downloading an application form. The easiest way to apply is by using the online application tool. Applying using this method enables your application to be processed and Letter of Offer issued, in a speedy, efficient manner by the Le Cordon Bleu Admissions Office.

To assist with your application, please visit our glossary of terms. To study with Le Cordon Bleu Australia there are minimum English Language requirements, for further information on our English Language Partner Institutes please visit our Partner Pathway Page. To understand what may be expected of you during your time at Le Cordon Bleu, please view our Programme Expectations.

Make your Application

1. Apply Online or Email/Post Application

The application form asks for all the information we require from you to enroll you in the course of your choice. Please ensure that you complete all sections in as much detail as possible.

If you have indicated the presence of a disability, impairment or long term condition, on our application form, and would like assistance with definitions of terms, please refer to our disability supplement information page for further information.

Students with disability have the opportunity to apply for reasonable adjustment with the aim of enabling them to participate in learning on the same basis as students without a disability. If you wish to apply for reasonable adjustment please let one our Admissions team members know and they will assist you with the application process. For more information please refer to the Access and Equity Policy and the Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Prepare your Supporting Documents

The application form asks for supporting pieces of documentation that you need to provide with your application. Documents include:

Please ensure that your documents are valid. All applicants must provide original or original certified copies of all relevant academic qualifications (including original copies of academic transcripts in the language used by the issuing institution together with copies of those documents translated into English, where required).

Upon acceptance into a Le Cordon Bleu Australia program as per Le Cordon Bleu Australia Student Selection and Admissions Policy, in accordance to Le Cordon Bleu Australia Access and Equity Policy and the Disability Standards to Education 2005, Le Cordon Bleu Australia will make every effort to ensure that the admission, enrolment, learning and course participation as well as usage of available facilities and services are free from discrimination.

Looking to Apply for Academic Credit?

Academic Credit is explained as the following two options:

To apply for one of the above complete the following: VET Academic Credit Application Form OR HE Academic Credit Application Form

Assessment of any associate application for Academic Credit will be assessed by Academic Services. Applications with Academic Credit included may take between 10-14 days for an assessment to be completed.

Please refer to our evidence guide for information that will assist your application. This includes how to complete and the types of evidence required.

2. Assessment of Application

Once we receive your application form we will assess whether you meet the entry requirements for the study program that you have applied for. This includes education background, age and English ability.Once we receive your application form we will assess whether you meet the entry requirements for the study program that you have applied for. This includes education background, age and English ability.

If you are an International student, your application will be subject to the Simplified student visa framework (SSVF) guidelines where an assessment will be made to determine whether you are a Genuine temporary entrant (GTE). GTE is used to identify those applicants who are using the student visa program for motives other than gaining a quality education. For further information please visit Department of Home Affairs.

Once our Admissions team have received your completed application, a Letter of Offer will be issued within 3 business days of receipt. If you have applied direct to Le Cordon Bleu Australia, this will be sent to the email address advised on your application. Alternatively, if you have applied through an Education Agent, it will be sent via email directly to them.

Should your application not be accepted, you will be notified via email with a guide as to why you were unsuccessful in this instance. Please refer to our Student Selection and Admissions Policy for further information. Should you wish to appeal this decision, you may refer to our Complaints and Appeals Policy on how to take further action.

3. Letter of Offer

Once your application is approved a Letter of Offer will be issued. This will include the Acceptance of Offer with payment details.

Some International Applicants under SSVF will be required to submit financial evidence showing that they have the funds required for their first year in Australia as listed in the table below:


Yourself: Return air fare to Australia
Family members: One return air fare to Australia per person

Tuition (12 months)
Yourself: Course fees
School-age children: AUD$13,502

Annual income
Alternatively, you can provide evidence your parents or your partner had a personal annual income of at least AUD$87,856 in the 12 months immediately before you apply. If you bring family members, you must show your parents' or partner's income is at least AUD$102,500.

Living (12 months)
Students or guardians: AUD$29,710
Partners coming with you: AUD$10,394
A child coming with you: AUD$4,449

As a guide, when you calculate how much money you need include:
AUD$2,500 for travel costs if you are applying from East of Southern Africa
AUD$3,000 for travel costs if you are applying from West Africa
AUD$2,000 for travel costs if you are applying from anywhere else outside Australia
AUD$1,000 for travel costs if you are applying in Australia. If you will be returning to Africa include AUD$1,500

Where financials as above have been requested you will be advised by the Admissions team when approved to proceed with making payment.

4. Acceptance and Payment

Please send through to the Admissions team your completed Acceptance of Offer, along with your fee payment. Your place in the program is confirmed, once Confirmation of Enrolment is received.

We recommend Flywire as the preferred payment partner, offering you with an easy and secure method of send international payments via telegraphic transfer or credit card in your home currency, ensuring best price guaranteed and no unexpected bank fees. Find our more about making payments with Flywire here.

We recommend that you read our Fees, Refunds and Conditions Policy for Domestic students or International students prior to returning your Acceptance Form and Fees.
Once we have received your Acceptance Form and fee payment we will send you a Receipt of Payment, Confirmation of Enrolment. International applicants will also receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), required to apply for your Student Visa. At this time your place in the class is confirmed.

You can find out more about making payments with flywire in this video:

5. Applying for a Student Visa

Information on applying for Student Visas can be found at the Department of Home Affairs. Once you have obtained your Australian Student Visa, you are able to book and pay for your flights to campus. You should arrange to arrive in your campus City at least two days before the commencement of your study programme as stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment.

To arrange accommodation ahead of your arrival please read the accommodation information provided for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney campus.

6. Welcome and Orientation

Our Le Cordon Bleu Student Services team will be delighted to welcome you and your fellow students on campus as part of your orientation/induction programme.

Should you wish to Defer or Withdraw from Le Cordon Bleu
If you are looking to defer your studies to the next intake, please complete a copy of our deferral form and provide to our Admissions Team. Upon receipt a new Letter of Offer will be issued. You will be required to complete the Acceptance of Offer to receive your updated Confirmation of Enrolment.

During the course of study, students may apply for leave of absence or deferral due to special consideration (due to illness of family disruption). To apply, please contact the Student Services team directly at your Campus to receive more information.

If you are wishing to withdraw from Le Cordon Bleu Australia, please complete a Withdrawal form and a Request for Refund form and send through to our Admissions Team. Please read our Fees, Refunds and Conditions Policy for Domestic students or International students for a detailed explanation of what refund you may be eligible for. If you are seeking to transfer to another provider, please ensure you also complete the Request for Release form and provide all supporting documents. Once completed please send through to our Admissions Department.
Withdrawal Form
Request for Refund Form
Request for Release Form