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Le Cordon Bleu
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              Le Cordon Bleu offers a range of courses for you to learn all the techniques of pâtisserie and develop your skills in the kitchen. Confectionery, delicatessen, cake design, desserts and decoration techniques are just a few.

              Diplôme de Pâtisserie

              The Diplôme de Pâtisserie offers complete training in the art of baking, baking and confectionery. The achievement of the diploma is only possible after the completion of the three certification levels: Basic Pâtisserie, Intermediate Pâtisserie and Superior Pâtisserie. The courses last three months, and can also be completed in two months, in an intensive format.

              Cordontec Program

              Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro – Cordontec Program meets the needs of any program participant who would seek to develop the skills, knowledge and professional application of Cuisine and Pâtisserie skills in a unique “Restaurant Application” competency based learning program.

              Le Cordon Bleu may integrate additional skills such as bakery and waiter service into the delivery of the core streams. The volume of learning is consistent with Le Cordon Bleu, Cordontec programs from around the world and is recognised by the La Fondation Le Cordon Bleu in a manner identical to Le Cordon Bleu Cordontec qualifications worldwide.

              The Program is composed of Certificat d'Assistant, Certificat de Cadet, both with an average duration of 6 months, and the Certificat de Commis, with an average duration of 12 months. Upon completion of the three levels of certifications, the student will be able to obtain the Diplôme de Commis de Cuisinier.


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