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In Rio, you can find different and great options of accommodations. As a touristic city, the hospitality is one of the main points of attention for local business. Besides this, Brazilians are known as good hosts of their visitors.

Below, we list some tips to help you to find the best place to stay in Rio during your course at Le Cordon Bleu. We suggest you to stay nearby the South Zone, where is the school located.

We hope you that you find a good and comfortable accommodation and that you have a good stay in the marvelous city!


Students can find great hostels at the South Zone of the city. It´s a cheap option and you can make new friends during your stay.

Links: Trip Advisor  |  Booking  | HostelWorld

Apartment rental

If you prefer to rent an apartment alone or to share with other students, you can find great opportunities nearby the school, in the neighborhood of Botafogo. It´s a good solution if you are going to stay for a long period of time in Rio de Janeiro.

Links: Trip AdvisorHomes in Rio  | Airbnb


To stay in a family house is a good way to know more the Brazilian culture. By renting a room you can be in touch with native.

Link: Homestay.com

Apart Hotel

The apart hotel is a great option for students who prefers to have complete services such as laundry, cleaning and all the daily facilities. Many of them offers also leisure areas with swimming pools, fitness rooms and sports area.

Links: BookingZAP (Portuguese only)