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The Diplôme Cordontec is a technical training that provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent as a qualified cook who could specialise in either in cuisine or pâtisserie. Work could be undertaken in various hospitality enterprises where pâatisserie products are prepared and served, such as patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops. Individuals may have some responsibility for others and provide technical advice and support to a team.

This qualification has a significant “Restaurant Application” component and providesthe graduate with an understanding of knowledge and skills in a restaurant context and allows for greater employment opportunities and epicurean understanding for accelerated career development or bridging to a higher level of study within the Le Cordon Bleuworldwide training network.

The Diplôme Cordontec has the duration of 18 months.

Key information

  • 18 months
Items included
  • Uniform, learning materials and student knife kit.
Entry requirements
  • There is no requirement for prior knowledge about gastronomy. Only the requirement of the Diploma of Second Degree or equivalent document.

Diploma Details

  • What Qualification Will I Gain?

    Employability skills apply across a variety of jobs and life contexts and enable individuals to progress in their employment, achieve their potential and contribute to the business objectives of their workplace. There are eight (8) Employability Skills that apply to the qualifications contained in this training and assessment strategy:

    • Communication
    • Initiative and enterprise
    • Learning
    • Planning and organising
    • Problem solving
    • Self-management 
    • Teamwork
    • Technology

    Students who hold a Diplôme Cordontec or equivalent, issued by a Le Cordon Bleu provider, are eligible for entry into a higher level Le Cordon Bleu Classic Cycle Program upon the successful completion..

  • Application

    In order to apply for the Diplôme Cordontec, students should contact Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro directly by email riodejaneiro-admissao@cordonbleu.edu

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