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All international students of any nationality are welcome to study in a Le Cordon Bleu campus in Brazil. In order to obtain the Brazilian visa, students from abroad must have already been accepted in a country educational institution. The visa will only be granted after the presentation of the document proving enrollment in the school or university.

Type of visa

The type of visa accepted for students is the Temporary Visa IV. This visa is valid for one year, and it's possible to extend it to the last term of the course. A Temporary Visa IV does not allow the student to maintain employment in Brazil. For more information please visit the Itamaraty website.
To obtain the temporary resident registration, the duration of two years, the student must be seen at the Federal Police Department within one month after arrival in Brazil.

Where to apply for your visa?

The Brazilian visa is granted through consular services of the Brazilian embassies or consulates abroad and will never be granted in the national territory. Access here the list of the Brazilian Consular Networks in the world.


In Brazil, the official language is Portuguese, but the student is not required to speak the language to obtain the visa. Le Cordon Bleu Brazil offers translations into English and French.


Brazil does not require vaccination certificates to enter the country, but the Ministry of Health recommends that tourists take the following vaccines at least ten days before arrival:

Driving in Brazil

All tourists or residents from abroad can drive using the driver's license of their country of origin, in case of stay up to 180 days. For longer periods, it will be necessary to obtain the Brazilian driver's document.

Access the website of the National Department of Transit and learn more details.