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The Pâtisserie and Boulangerie Diploma is oriented towards the progressive learning of the fundamental techniques of French pastry and traditional bakery. They are composed of the three pastry certificates (basic, intermediate, upper) and the two bakery certificates (basic, advanced). Students learn to master contemporary desserts and the most complex baking techniques.

Key information

  • 9 months

Hours per week
  • 24 hours approximately
  • R$ 99,973.24 + enrolment fee R$ 1,500.00*
    * net value without local or international taxes

Items included
  • Uniform, learning materials and utensils kit
Payment method

  • Bank Slip
  • Credit/Debit cards
    * Timetable and hours are subject to change
    * Start and end dates are subject to change
    * Opening classes are subject to a minimum number of students according to Le Cordon Bleu rules
    * Values ​​for 2020 terms may change.
    * Card transaction fee will be added to the transaction.
    * Installments available according to the duration of months of the course.

Limit for payment
  • Please note that all applicants requiring a general student visa or doesn’t have done the full balance payment fees (application, minimum payment of 10% and remaining course fee) must be done (04) four weeks before the course starts.
Entry requirements
  • There is no requirement for prior knowledge about gastronomy. Only the requirement of High School Diploma or equivalent document. To obtain the Diplôme de Pâtisserie you will need to complete the three certificates: Basic Pâtisserie, Intermediate Pâtisserie, Superior Pâtisserie, Basic Boulangerie and Advanced Boulangerie.

Diploma Details


    We welcome students from a range of educational and professional backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is necessary. This programme is ideal for you if:

    You want a career in a professional kitchen (restaurant or hotel)

    You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and are keen to master French culinary techniques

    You are embarking on a career change and want to learn cuisine in the best possible way

    There is no requirement for prior knowledge about gastronomy. Only the requirement of the Diploma of Second Degree or equivalent document. To obtain the Diplôme de Pâtisserieand Boulangerie, you will need to complete the certificates: Basic Pâtisserie, Intermediate Pâtisserie, Superior Pâtisserie, Basic Boulangerie and Advanced Boulangerie

    A course that provides the student with the most advanced french techniques, through demonstrative and practical classes. The content is composed of classic techniques and recipes to illustrate them. The teaching-learning methodology provides classes taught by experienced chefs, practice in individual spaces, individual mise-en-places, sensory experiences, daily self-assessments with feedback from chefs, all in an unique kitchen with up to most technology and infrastructure, within the international standards of Pâtisserie.

    Content Pâtisserie: Basic Techniques | Using the Confectioner's Bag | Decoration with Cone | Confectioner's Cream | Butter Cream | Genoise and Creme Anglaise | English | Pâte À Choux | Variety Of Biscuits | Dacquoise | Genoa Bread | Joconde | Black Forest Cake | Moka Cake | Cake Success | Candied Fruit Cake | Lemon Cake | Normandy Pie | Fraisier | Paris-Brest | Madeleines | Puff Pastry | Mille feuille | Apple Chausson | Dacquoise Pistache | Blackberry and Raspberry tarts| Orange and Praliné Javanais | Succès Pistache | Pre-dessert | easter chocolates. All these techniques allow the development of these fantastic recipes you learn here, with all the secrets for the perfect execution!

    Content Boulangerie:A practical course where you will learn the techniques, bases and fundamentals with which you can prepare different types of breads. This course includes the types, properties, combinations and applications of breads in different regions of France and the world. You will make breads with longer fermentation periods, while learning techniques like petrissage and façonnage. You will learn the process to make natural yeast, assorte Viennoiserie and much more!


    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 30, 2020 - Mar 30, 2021 ( Standard , in Portuguese )
    R$ 101,473.24