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This qualification level provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of kitchen or pastry kitchen functions and activities that require the application of a limited range of practical skills in a defined context.

Work could be undertaken in various hospitality enterprises where food is prepared and served, such as restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, cafeterias and/or coffee shops. Individuals may work with some autonomy or in a team but usually under close supervision.

Key information

  • 6 months
  • R$ 13,000.00
Diploma fees include
  • Tuition, uniform, learning materials, ingredients, equipments and laboratories.
Entry requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent and Certificat de Assistant de Pâtisserie.

Certificat Details

  • Course Structure
    • Basic Mise-en Place - Patisserie
    • Clean and Maintain – Patisserie Kitchens
    • Receiving and Storing Patisserie Goods
    • Methods of Patisserie Production
    • Prepare Breads, Doughs, Pastes and Sauces
    • Prepare Sponges, Basic Cakes, and Tarts
    • Prepare Creams, Butter Creams and Pastry Fillings
    • Prepare Danish Pastry, Croissant and Brioche
    • Prepare Puff Pastry and Puff Pastry Items
    • Prepare Chocolate and Confectionary Items
    • Prepare Hot and Cold Dessert Menu Items
    • Participate in Restaurant and Café Service
  • What Qualifications will I gain?

    The Certificat Cadet qualifies individuals to undertake mainly routine work and as a pathway to further learning. Graduates of a Certificat Cadet will have basic factual, technical and procedural knowledge in a defined area of work and learning.


    • cognitive skills to access, record and act on a defined range of information from a range of sources
    • cognitive and communication skills to apply and communicate known solutions to a limited range of predictable problems
    • technical skills to use a limited range of equipment to complete tasks involving known routines and procedures with a limited range of options
  • Job roles
    • preparing patisserie items
    • preparing choux pastry products
    • preparing puff pastry products
    • prepare and use basic creams and fillings
    • prepare and bake simple flans and sponges