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Restaurant Management Program
Become a leader in the restaurant business on an international scale

Restaurant Management Program

The Restaurant Management Program has been developed to prepare future professionals and entrepreneurs for new trends and technological innovations in the world of gastronomy: 6 months training + 6 months of internship.

  Intakes 2016
The next Restaurant Management Program intakes take place on September and March 2016.


This program gives students all the skills necessary to develop their business and make it a success

It is a complete and intensive program to become a leader in the restaurant business on an international level. This course is also ideal for Le Cordon Bleu graduates in culinary arts who want to pursue their studies in the culinary business field.

This program is only taught in English.


This program gives the student:

  • A global and thorough understanding of restaurant management
  • Fundamental management skills needed to make a business successful
  • An insight into new trends and technological innovations in the restaurant industry
  • Hands on training to develop real leadership skills

Full tuitions
The Restaurant Management Program total tuition fees are 15 900 €
Full tuition includes the application fee and the student uniform: 2 suits, 1 apron, 1 t-shirt, 1 tea towel and 1 cap.

Restaurant Management and Finance
In this module, students will learn the fundamentals of accounting, analyzing profitability, and managing human resources within the restaurant industry.
Courses : Food and beverage management - Financial management - Human resources - Introduction to business law - Company strategy - Business plan

Setting up and running a restaurant
In this module, students will learn the fundamentals of running a restaurant, from the kitchen organization to the menu conception.
Courses : Restaurant organization : operating sales points and invoicing - Creating a restaurant menu - Hygiene and safety - Raw materials: from the producer to the plate - Monitoring the quality and productivity of a restaurant

Marketing and Communication
In this module, the students evaluate the importance of marketing in the restaurant industry.
Courses : Marketing and sales strategies - Trends and target markets in the restaurant industry - Communication in the restaurant industry

Cuisine, Wine and Service
In this module, you will develop dining room management skills and gain knowledge in kitchen operations.
Courses : Cuisine and pastry techniques - Introduction to oenology - Introduction to dining room service - Food and wine pairing - Restaurant service (practical skills)

A 6 month internship is included in the program. This will allow students to put the practical, managerial and operational skills learnt during the program into practice. Students will be able to carry out internships in reputable establishments, such as :

  • Restaurants : Les Climats, Akrame, Farago
  • Hotels : Shangri-La, Plaza Athénée

This program allows entrepreneurs to start their business or join a management team in a culinary establishement, for example :

  • Restaurant : traditional, gourmet, bistrot
  • Snack bar, food truck, pop-up restaurant
  • Caterer, private Chef
  • Pastry shop, café, tearoom

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Restaurant Management Program key figures

Restaurant Management Program key figures

Alumna testimonial


An interview with Pamelà Pimentel, Restaurant Management Program alumna


Pamelà Pimentel à la remise des diplômes Pámela Pimentel, a graduate of the first ever Restaurant Management Program, was awarded her Diploma in March 2015. She looks back with us on her time at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and tells us all about her internship and her future plans. Can you tell us what you did before studying the Restaurant Management Program?
Before the Restaurant Management Program at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, I studied architecture in Guatemala and also worked in my family’s restaurants.
What are the strong points of this program and what did you gain from it?
The Restaurant Management Program is very comprehensive. It gave me all the necessary knowledge to create a business plan for my future restaurant. Moreover, the program has a lot of practical sessions which, in my opinion, are the best way to learn.
The six-month internship is also perfect if you choose the right place in which to do it. It is the best way to put what you have learnt at the School into practice.
Can you tell us about your internship?
I chose to do my internship at the two Michelin-starred Akrame restaurant. It was very difficult for me at the beginning, even though I already had restaurant experience. Michelin-starred restaurants are a completely different world: They expect no less than perfection from you. However, I was able to take on many different roles, from cleaning to assisting the Restaurant Manager. I also worked on the Chef’s new projects which gave me the opportunity to travel, as I was in charge of organizing all his international events and competitions.
I learned that working long hours is not a problem when you love what you do, and when all that you want is to make the customers happy.
At the end of my internship, I was offered an incredible job, which I unfortunately couldn’t accept as I already had other plans. My family did come to France though to meet the Chef, and we will almost certainly work together to open a restaurant in Guatemala.
What are your plans for the future?
I am currently studying the Grand Diplôme at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and after the program I would like to carry out my cuisine and pastry internships in Paris. After that, my plan is to travel to gain international experience. In two years, I would like to return to Guatemala to manage my family’s restaurants. But my ultimate goal is to open my own restaurant there, which will be a fusion of French and Guatemalan gastronomy.
What advice would you give to somebody who would like to follow the Restaurant Management Program?
To think seriously about your project and what kind of business you want to open, or at least the one you dream of opening. In this way, you will be able to work on a very specific project during the program, with teachers and professionals who are widely recognized in their field.
I also suggest carefully choosing the place to do your internship, and to ask yourself the right questions such as: “What kind of place is going to teach me the most and make my future plans and dreams a reality?”
Thank you Pámela, we wish you all the best for the future!

Sylvain Boussard


Meet Sylvain Boussard - Restaurant Management Program Manager


Sylvain BoussardSylvain Boussard graduated from Lausanne Hotel School in 1990. He began his career, which has notably included numerous international postings, in restaurant positions in South Africa. Two years later, he went to Mexico where he became Restaurant or Banqueting Manager in renowned hotels such as Camino Real, in Cancun (Leading Hotels of the World), as well as Hyatt International Hotels.

n 2000, Sylvain Boussard headed to the Middle-East where he became Restaurant Manager of the Meridien Diplomat Hotel in Manama, Bahrain. His career then took him to the other side of the world, to French Polynesia where he worked as Restaurant Manager for two years at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort. In 2002, Sylvain Boussard returned to Latin America for nearly 5 years. He became Restaurant Manager for the Orient-Express hotel group in Peru (Hotel Monasterio Cusco, Miraflores Park Hotel Lima, Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, Las Casitas del Colca). On a number of occasions, he took over the role of the General Managers during their absences, and the Monasterio hotel came top of the “Leading Hotels of the World”. He also organized two summit meetings for 19 Latin American Heads of State.

In 2007, Sylvain Boussard was recruited by Carlisle Bay Resort, a boutique hotel in Antigua, in the Caribbean. In 2009, Sylvain Boussard rounded off his expertise in the United States, at Cornell University in New York. He went on to become Vice-President of Executive Search International in Florida and in Panama. Sylvain Boussard then headed East, first to the Maldives, then to Brunei where he was recruited as Deputy General Manager of the Empire Hotel & Country Club where, in 2013, he organized three ASEAN summit meetings.

Sylvain Boussard joined the Le Cordon Bleu Paris team in 2014.

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