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Mai Piyakamol, The Owner of Chez Nous Artisan Baking Atelier in Chiangmai


Great Catching up with our pretty lady, Piyakamol Vanichmongkol or Mai, the owner of Chez Nous Artisan Baking Atelier in Chiangmai. A successful alumni who completed Diplôme de Pâtisserie in 2016 from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Bangkok, Thailand.

The most impressive moment was during the graduation ceremony, I really felt that it was really a beginning of my career path where I am pursuing my dream.
- Piyakamol Vanichmongkol -

When did you know you wanted to go into culinary?

I have always been passionate about baking since I was young and my mom has owned a small pastry shop in ChiangMai. I always crave for knowledge as knowledge is endless to learn and of course, the best choice is to learn from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School where I can fulfill my dream and passion in Arts of Culinary.

How do you know Le Cordon Bleu Dusit and Why did you choose to study this school?

I chose to study here because of their reputation of being the world class Culinary School with high standards and being professional.

Your chef instructor, your friends and the learning environment.

The school has professional and understanding instructors with high standards to make sure the students will perform well in their future career. I met my classmates and they had different nationalities with new things to share. The staff were helpful and friendly. The learning environment helped me to enjoy the classes and the school also provided the students with high quality tools and equipment.

Preparing for the exam.

I spent days and nights practicing and revising. It was actually more intense than high school exam (laughing with tears) because the standard is very high. I put in lots of effort to become one of the top 5 performers.

How could you deal with any unexpected obstacle during studying or cooking in the class?

Practice is always the best way of learning and improving myself. Through mistakes, I tend to learn and remember what I did wrong and improve the mistakes and of course with a professional instructor who would give me guidance and advice.

How does Le Cordon Bleu teaching methodology help you to understand and acquire the French Cooking techniques?

Both from demonstration class where you watch the Chef's instruction then you follow the method during practical classes where your instructors will always be there to help.

Tell us a bit about your Memorable Experience & Your impression you have at the school.

I met one of the best Chef Instructors at school. He has always been giving me advice, not only in terms of Culinary but also in terms of management. The most impressive moment was during the graduation ceremony, I really felt that it was really a beginning of my career path where I am pursuing my dream.

Your future plan in culinary industry.

I am now an owner of a bakery cafe called, "Chez Nous" in ChiangMai. We are well-known for our premium French bakery and pastry, especially "croissant". I would like to expand more branches in Thailand and also in Asia to serve our customers and create happiness with our delicious bakery and dishes.

Your inspiring culinary quote.

"Create happiness through deliciousness." - Piyakamol Vanichmongkol

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