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Meet with Vacharobol Sopa, our alumni who aims to run his own restaurant and operate a food export business

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In welcoming back the new term - July 2020, we are pleased to catch up with Mr.Vacharobol Sopa, Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Diplôme de Cuisine Thaï and Diplôme de Pâtisserie alumni.

From being an engineer in Real Estate industry to start pursuing his dream of becoming a qualified food import-export professional, he decided to discover more abou the culinary and management industry at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School. He found that not only learning how to cook, the school also has amazed and inspired him almost everyday.

May the kitchens are full of happiness - Chef Marcia Öchsner

When did you know you wanted to go into culinary?

In 2019, I realized that I wanted to open my own restaurant but I didn’t have much knowledge about food so I started learning how to cook by myself from the cookbook and also on the internet. I practiced my cooking both Thai and International Food. I enjoy cooking and seeing everyone around me happy when they eat my food.

How do you know Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?

I researched from the internet and also asked my friends who have passion in cooking for their opinions. I found that Thai Cuisine Course at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit is ranked number one in teaching the Thai Cuisine Course.

Why did you choose to study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?

I wanted to improve myself from an amateur to be a professional. I think customer service is important for managing a restaurant including the taste, cleanliness, safety and standards that must be accepted globally. More importantly the reputation of the school is the main reason why Le Cordon Bleu Dusit is number one culinary school for me to choose.

Your chef instructors, your Friends and the Learning Environment

When I first met all of the Chef Instructors, I felt that they were dignified and dedicated to teach their students in the class with respect. We have studied with more than one chef in each course which allowed us to get more techniques. It was very helpful for me to use those techniques to train my team. I like that Chefs sincerely care about me even I am not in the class, on the other hands, Chefs still concentrate on me being professional in the practical kitchen. In the demonstration class, Chef Instructor taught us every details from the scratch and always guided us calmly during the practical class when we made any mistake. That’s why we have amazed by their experiences and skills. We had been taken care of for nine months, therefore, sometimes I have a sympathy for our chef instructors because we faced a lot fun and pressure in the kitchen. All students love and respect Chefs. Even though we have graduated, we still miss them.

My first day at the school. Chefs asked everyone to introduce ourselves which allowed us to get to know each other and we all became friends since then. There is no age limit to study here so my classmates became brothers and sisters and my foreign classmates were very friendly. We were quite nervous during my first month at the school. However during eight months we became very close to each other. At the school, Thai students always gave the fully support to the foreign students. Each of us came here with different places and different goals. We exchanged the ideas, brainstormed and helped each other. After I completed the courses, it seems like we have a big team to support each other in the real life after we graduated.

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit provides high standard and professional learning environment. All staff always give support and help the students solving the problems. The cleaners and maids are nice and active. Chefs and students respect each other. In the demonstration class, chef will explain the history of the demonstrated recipe of the day and teach us all the techniques. The kitchen utensils are provided both traditional and modern as well as the facilities are fully-equipped. We enjoyed learning and we were very happy.

How to prepare yourself for the examination

I memorized the questions and keywords that Chefs often mentioned in the class. I took notes and studied before the exam. That’s how I prepared myself for the written exam. The practical exam was more relaxed than the written exam because we were fun with cooking in every practical classes, therefore, we were concentrated and focused. I told myself to cook like every day but make a perfect performance and planning.

Dealing with any unexpected obstacle during studying or cooking in the class

No matter what happen, the first thing to do is the security check then we go for the problem solving immediately. All problems became small when having the classmates supported. However I would take a deep breath and look up when facing any difficult situation.

How does Le Cordon Bleu Teaching Methodology help you to understand and acquire the French Cooking techniques?

Le Cordon Bleu teaching methodology help the students to learn the most completed basic culinary techniques including the menu history and knowledge which allow the students to realize the value and the story of the recipes that we take it for granted. When we respect the things that we do, we will be happy. The outcomes and all good things will be sent to our recipient.

We acquired the real cooking techniques and practice on thinking when we learnt the French cuisine and French pastry techniques. After we graduated, we were able to create the dishes, cake and pastry items by ourselves. All pieces are our signatures. I was inspired and I have tried to follow other chefs. I didn’t know how to think or create a thing on my own but learning from this school changed me to become a leader. I design my own food. I am not the follower anymore.

Your Memorable Experiences and Impression you have at the school

I was surprised by the activities that were added to the curriculum. It wasn’t just cooking in the kitchen, not what I understand as before I applied here. From the Professional Thai Cuisine course, I learnt Food Styling for Photography, Restaurant Management, Kitchen Layout, Menu Costing and Pricing, Financial and Accounting as well as Food and Wine Pairing.  

From the French pastry course, my class was the first group to organize a new school’s project as a part of the curriculum “Superior Culinary Delights” under the concept “Afternoon Tea”. I had the opportunity to practice my restaurant management skills from the real situation. We invited the guest to taste and evaluate our performance. The students well-performed their hands-on in every process which included the baking in the kitchen, getting the order from customers until serving the dishes. What I like apart from the event is making the sugar showpiece making and wedding cake.

Your Future Plan

I am going to take a Japanese Cuisine course in Tokyo, Japan. I plan to complete the course in 2021 then fly back to open my own Food manufacturing company in Thailand. I also plan to open a restaurant in Thailand and dream of becoming the owner of 3-stars michelin restaurant.

Your Culinary Inspiration Quote

"May the kitchens are full of happiness" - Chef Marcia Öchsner

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