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Alumni Talk - Chutima Trakulkitcharoen, the successor of Naiuan Yentafo, a Michelin Guide Restaurant

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Special Interview with Chutima Trakulkitcharoen, our alumni who completed Diplôme de Cuisine Thaï in 2019 from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, Bangkok, Thailand. CEO of Naiuan Yentafo Bateng Saochingcha, a Michelin Guide Restaurant Thailand 2018 - 2021.

Chutima inherited the family business in 2017 and became the third generation successor of Naiuan Yentafo Bateng Saochingcha. The restaurant has been awarded the Michelin Guide Restaurant Thailand in 2018 for the first time. The restaurant introduces its brand-new food innovation and development called "Hot Pot To Go" launched in 2019 as new normal lifestyle and food delivery are matter. 'Not only healthy and delicious but also convenience' is one of the challenge solving tool for her restaurant to deal with the lockdown situation and when adjusting restaurant business model meets the need. Read more about Chitima's success story.

Naiuan Yentafo Bateng Saochingcha is a well-known 50-year-old street food stand serves Yentafo (pink noodle soup) with delicious steamed and fried fish balls. Its signature 'stir-fired pork in soy sauce (Bateng)' and intense & spicy flavors have been inherited from the first generation to the third generation. In 2021, Naiuan Yentafo Saochingcha brand operates 15 branches and located at the high-end shopping and community complexes in Bangkok, Thailand.

- Achieving your goals and success will happen when you keep doing it continuously, little by little, so Do It Now! - 

When did you know you wanted to go into culinary?

My family runs a food business. I grew up with tasty food since I was very young. I Love to cook. As my first time, I tried to cook 'shrimp fried rice' for the family and everyone said 'it was delicious'. Their compliments made me proud. I felt really great and enjoy cooking so much since then.

How do you know Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?

I heard about Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School while I was studying BBA in Professional Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management, DTC.

Why did you choose to study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?

After I graduated Bachelor Degree, I decided to further my study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit because of the school's reputation and it is the world famous culinary institution.

Your chef instructors, your Friends and the Learning Environment

I would like to thank you all of my Chef Instructors. With their experiences, they gave me all of the knowledges about Thai cuisine professionally. I can feel their caring and the way they teach me, I felt warm and enthusiastic that encourage me to go study everyday. I had to wake up early almost everyday but I really enjoyed studying and meeting my friends. Though we were different between ages and sexes, but everyone loves and unites. More importantly, we all have full passion for cooking.I do feel so happy every single day and every time i go to school.

Preparing for the examination

I will imagine that how perfect food should look like and try to figure out the food strengths that will be presented in the exam. I always make a plan and workflow and also being well-prepared and diligent in practicing before taking the exams.

Dealing with any unexpected obstacle during studying or cooking in the class

When I knew that I had to learn how to cook a menu named "Khao Chae Chao Wang" which has to carve various types of vegetables in serving side dishes. I realized that I was not good in sculpture and I had to work harder and practice as much as I could until it came out neat and nice.

How does Le Cordon Bleu Teaching Methodology help you to understand and acquire the French Cooking techniques?

I have mastered and learnt Thai cooking techniques that have the original taste of 4 regions of Thai food. By learning a Royal food taught me so many unique techniques including Thai desserts and I learnt a lot of new things that I've never knew before such as "Khang-Khao-Phueak".

Your Memorable Experiences and Impression you have at the school

I am very impressed by the whole team of Le Condon Bleu Dusit. They are very generous, caring about the students, and working professionally. All staff are very friendly and always give their warm-welcomed.

Your Future Plan

After I completed the Thai Cuisine Program at Le Condon Bleu Dusit, I applied my advanced knowledge that I learnt from the school to develop a brand-new food innovation product for "Nai Uan Yentafo Sao Chingcha brand" which called 'Naiuan Yentafo Hot Pot To Go'. I believe that learning, innovation and development is endless.

Your Culinary Inspiration Quotes

"Achieving Your Goals and Success will happen when you keep doing it continuously, little by little, so Do It Now.” - Chutima Trakulkitcharoen.

I believe that learning, innovation & development is endless.
- Chutima Trakulkitcharoen -

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