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Chef Beam Pawinwat, The First Winner of Top Chef Thailand Pastry

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Introducing our alumni this week, Chef Beam Phawinwat Choksetpawin, alumni of the Diplôme de Pâtisserie from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, The First Top Chef Thailand - Desserts. He is currently the chef owner of ‘Bor-BaiMai Sattahip by Chef Beam’, a contemporary Thai restaurant with a wide variety of cakes that are the selling point of the shop where he uses an original recipe that uses seasonal fruits to blend perfectly.

Chef Beam is a chef with clear commitment and purpose, with the ability to create unique desserts. This makes Chef Beam one of the most skilled chefs to watch in the dessert industry this year. Starting from the position of the most outstanding student in the Intermediate and Superior French Pastry Course at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit for two years in a row, Chef Beam has also competed in this field - the Eastern Region Champion in the Pattaya Cake Festival 2016 and the Nominee Chef. Also, in the ultimate match on stage Kitchen Stadium of Iron Chef Thailand.

Chef Beam is now honored to join Le Cordon Bleu Dusit as a Guest Chef Instructor to impart French baking techniques to advanced students. This is another step of success in his career which Chef Beam has conveyed to us through this impressive interview.

I would like to pass on the knowledge gained from this institute as well as my experience from competing in various fields, whether it's Iron Chef Thailand or Top Chef Thailand desserts, which is the knowledge and experience that makes me who I am today, the day I succeed in this career. This is something I would like to share with the younger generation so that they can have techniques and tips to use in the future.

- Chef Beam Phawinwat Choksetpawin -

When did you know you wanted to go into culinary?

I want to do something that can be a profession and after trying many things until I seriously tried to make sweets and opened my own dessert shop. Also, I saw my Grandma and mother making sweets for sale when I was young. So I thought about how to develop the desserts in our home to match the era? So I decided to take a sweet dessert making class in order to understand the origins, skills and techniques of each dessert.

How do you know Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?
I knew about Le Cordon Bleu Dusit from the TV media and Youtube in the Suriwipha program and Khun Phon Tanthasathien, who I like very much.

Why did you choose to study at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit?
What was the decision to study here?
1. It is a place that is certified to world-class standards and is the number 1 popular educational institution for culinary arts around the world.
2. Getting knowledge, techniques and regulations in the kitchens (from watching the interview clip of Instructors)
3. Equipment and raw materials that will be used at a premium level.
4. Uniforms that have already been seen, want to wear with pride.

Your Chef Instructor, Your Friends and The Learning Environment
1. Chef who teaches in detail from the basics and application cultivates students' discipline in entering the kitchen; as well as taking into account the precision of baking which allows learners to truly understand how to make sweets from basic to advanced levels.
2. We have a very good connection with our classmates and social support for each other while working as a team, which has created a social group from baking until now.
3. The school environment is one of the best places, the warmest, and has the most up-to-date equipment that students will be able to use.

How did you prepare yourself for the exam?
Preparation for each exam, for me, it's like studying in a university. It is to focus on both written and practical exams, including projects, to achieve the best results and meet the standards set by the school. Every time there is a test, we will do our best to achieve high results.

Le Cordon Bleu Teaching Methodology "Watch, Learn and Do"
Language is not very important for art. We can use the arts to communicate with each other. In addition, the language for baking has specific technical terms which when we often hear, we will immediately know what to do and what techniques to apply. What's the next step? Just need to focus on studying the vocabulary as much as possible. We don't need to understand the whole sentence. Just seeing the Chef's methods and hearing the vocabulary we will know what it is and what to do.

Your Memorable Experience
1. The feeling that we are students from the world's number 1 culinary school.
2. Impressed with the attention of the Chef Instructor.
3. Impressed with classmates who are good connections until now.
4. Impressed that we intend to study until graduation with the first grade of the class.
5. Impressed to be accepted in this profession because we graduated from a culinary school that is recognized around the world.
6. Impressed that the school is a part that gives us the opportunity to compete in various programs such as Iron Chef Thailand and various baking contests.
7. Impressed that the school is part of me getting to the position of winning the first season of Top Chef Thailand.

Your Future Plan
1. Become more well-known among people of various professions, in addition to the career of baking and cooking.
2. Pass on the knowledge of baking to the younger generations with techniques and secrets, in order for them to develop further in the future.
3. Write my own cookbook.
4. Have my own Cooking TV Show

Your Inspiration
My Grandma and Mother are the inspiration for my baking.

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