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              Why Seoul?

              Le Cordon Blue-Sookmyung Academy is the official campus of Le Cordon Blue International in Korea which is the world’s best French culinary academy with more than 120 years of history and authenticity.

              Sookmyung Women’s University became the partner of Le Cordon Bleu and established Le Cordon Blue-Sookmyung Academy in 2002 which nurtures world class culinary professionals. Sookmyung Women's University opened up Bachelor’s degree program, Le cordon bleu hospitality management in 2006, positioning the university as a leader in hospitality education in Korea.

              Furthermore, Le Cordon Bleu is keeping its philosophy to preserve and deliver the expertise of culinary arts so that the culinary arts can contribute to the enhancement of life quality. This same philosophy goes for the all international campuses of Le Cordon Blue in the past and present and in the future as well.

              Le Cordon Blue-Sookmyung Academy is not only teaching cooking techniques but also how to realize the spirit of culinary arts in daily lives throughout cooking. It would like to be at the center of communication in culinary field in order to help people to enrich their lives through learning the culinary arts and spirit of Le Cordon Bleu. Also it will be a new platform for the globalization of Korean cuisine and improvement of Korean culinary culture.


              For more than a century, Le Cordon Bleu has enabled aspiring culinary professionals to turn their ambitions into reality. Although many Le Cordon Bleu students already have some culinary experience, a large number come from various academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. Some are looking to start a new career, and others are looking to combine their interests or advance in their current occupation. Our students strive for successful careers in a wide variety of fields, including restaurant kitchens, catering, restaurant and hotel management, journalism, consulting, food service, food styling and education.


              • Korean Alumni - YunJungPee

                Owner Patissier of Maman Gâteau

                Alumni Yun-Jung Pee was an ordinary office worker working in finance field. One day, she was laid off due to the IMF crisis and had a chance to think about a life-long occupation. She has chosen ‘bakery’ as her new job since she thought that she can enjoy baking while working for the rest of her life. She even opened a baking class for housewives at her own house. Finally she decided to attend Le Cordon Blue-Sookmyung Academy for more systematic and in-depth study on bakery. Upon her memories of school days, she said that it was precious time for her to get to know Le cordon blue’s chefs.

                Yun-Jung Pee(Pastry Diploma 2005, Bakery Diploma 2011)
              • KwangSun Kim_1

                Freelance chef, Restaurant consultant

                Almuni Kim Kwang Sun was an Italian chef working with famous chefs in the field already. After couple of years, he started to get interested in French cuisine as he encountered related information while working with culinary magazines and providing restaurant consulting to clients. Finally he found that Le Cordon Blue –Sookmyung Academy would be the prefect institution for learning French cuisine in Korea. He says that it was a wonderful opportunity for him to know the taste, flavor, direction and style that French cuisine pursue.

                Kwang-Sun Kim(Cuisine Diploma 2011)

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