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Welcome to the Open Doors event of Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro


Visit our institute and our kitchens!

Come and meet our staff and guests and enjoy the taste of what it would be like to study with us. We are also available to discuss the program details and answer any questions you might have about studying at Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro

Next dates:
05.03.2020  - OPEN DOORS - Special Woman's Day

To celebrate this special day we will have:
Demonstration of Cuisine with our Chef Ellen!
Demonstration of Pâtisserie with Chef Flávia Quaresma!

- OPEN DOORS - Special pastry class with Chef Emanuel Pinheiro.

19.03.2020  - OPEN DOORS - Special Entrepreneurship Class with former students Giovanna Lovell-Parker and Danielle Nunes.

26.03.2020  - OPEN DOORS - Special Mbee and Philippe Brye

08.04.2020- OPEN DOORS - Easter edition with Chef Pablo Peralta!

Open Doors Event Schedule:

     Talk with our chefs or special guests about careers in the gastronomy world
     Presentation of Programs and Diplomas
     Visit to the Le Cordon Bleu Institute Rio de Janeiro
     Questions and answers

Address: Rua da Passagem, 179, Botafogo.

The event is free of charge.  Sign up now on our website!

Limited spaces. In case of cancellation, please contact us.