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Special Open Doors with Chef Georges Roux at Le Cordon Bleu Rio de Janeiro

We have scheduled a very special session for those passionate about culinary arts. This Wednesday we are hosting a live show followed by a tasting. It is going to be ellaborated a complex piece composed by a variety of flavors and high level techniques.

Chef Roux, with 64 years of career, represents the climax of the most refined techniques of French Cuisine. His successful career was recognized by the French Government that awarded him with the title of La Legion d'Honneur. His journey went from Michelin-starred restaurants to emblematic local references. France, Lebanon, Belgium, India. These are examples of places where he left his mark.

He trained numerous professionals who today collect a wide range of awards: 8 Ouvriers de France, 2 Bocuse d’Or, Trophée National, Taittinger Culinary Competition, Prosper Montagné Culinary Competition, Arpajon Culinary Competition, Romorantin Culinary Competition, Le Servor Culinary Competition.

This session will be a very special opportunity to watch closely a gastronomic legend elaborating a masterpiece. It will be an intimate atmosphere, for lovers of gastronomy. We are counting with our students, market references and familiar and dear faces of Le Cordon Bleu to join us for this special moment.

As so, we invite you to join this once in a lifetime opportunity.

There are limited places! Share your details here and book yours: